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Surname Standage - Meaning and Origin

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Standage: What does the surname Standage mean?

The last name Standage is of English origin. It is thought that Standage could be a habitational name derived from any of numerous places so-called Standage in several parts of England. It may have derived from the Old English words “stand” meaning "a place, spot or station" and “edge” meaning the side of the hill, river, etc. The family first appeared in Staffordshire where they held a family seat from early times.

The Standage family could have been a tenant of the local feudal lord having to provide certain services or pay specific taxes. They were typically related to the ruling families and shared a common ancestry. The meaning of the name continues to be a source of speculation today, as there is no definitive answer as to its origin.

The Standage family were known throughout England as members of the gentry classes and held estates in that shire. The family name would typically have descended from the tenant of a certain version of the local manor rather than from a single ancestor. This made the surname more prone to variation, which is evidenced by the various spellings of the surname found today.

Today, the Standage surname can be found throughout the English-speaking world. Many family members have gone on to become influential politicians, businessmen, celebrities, and more. What is certain is that the Standage surname carries with it an air of distinction and has links to a proud English heritage.

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Standage: Where does the name Standage come from?

The Standage surname is still common today, especially in the English-speaking world. The United Kingdom remains one of the countries where the name is found most, especially in the southern and western regions. England is also home to a large number of Standage families. Other countries where this surname is found in large numbers are Australia, Canada, South Africa, and the United States. There are likely many more countries where this last name has originated and can be found, though the exact numbers are not known.

In the UK, Standage is most commonly found in an area known as the West Midlands. This region includes the counties of Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, and Staffordshire. It is here that the name is particularly popular, and has been for many generations. It is also a popular surname across the other countries listed above, as well as in New Zealand, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.

Given the widespread nature of the Standage surname, it is safe to say that this name has been around for a long time. It is believed to have originated from medieval times when a family by that name was recorded in Nottinghamshire, England. It is likely that many people from other countries may have adopted the name over the years, making it one of the most common surnames today. With its own unique and rich history, Standage is sure to remain a popular surname for many years to come.

Variations of the surname Standage

The surname Standage is derived from the Old French (12th to 15th centuries) phrase ‘de Stannerge’ meaning ‘from the stony ridge’ and its variants by dialects over time. This Old French phrase was brought to England in the 13th century by the Norman Conquest, where Standage has been used as a surname ever since. Variants of Standage included Stanage, Stanidge, Stan�ge, Stanaghe, Stannyge, Stantonge, Stange and Standich.

The surname Standage has widely spread and adopted by many in different countries, so that additional spellings and variats have arose accordingly in different dialects. In England, the surname is also seen in written as Stanage, Stanidge, Stan�ge, Stanaghe, Stannyge, Stantonge, Stange, Standich to accommodate the various dialects, accents and languages of their general area. In Scotland, Standage is occasionally found spelled as Stanage, Stange and Stanach. In Ireland, variations of Standage include Stennage, Stinage and Standach.

Over time other spellings and variants of Standage arose based on the family’s place of origin. For instance, in Germany, the name was known as Standpa and in Poland the Standka was used. In Greece, they can be found as Stancatos, while in Norway and Sweden, Standage is often known as Standager. In France, the surname Standage was also adapted into native dialects, resulting in variants such as Stagne, Stagnee and Stagnia.

It is not only the spelling of Standage that has changed over time, but also its various surnames related by origin. Surnames connected with Standage include Standal, Standalo, Standar, Standaro, Standeo, Standen, Standero, Standhe, Standen, Standford, Standgero, and Standler, to name a few.

Famous people with the name Standage

  • Dan Standage, an American computer scientist and professor at Oregon State University.
  • Thomas Standage, an English historian and technology journalist.
  • Vicki Standage, a British actress and author.
  • Geneva Standage, an American singer and songwriter.
  • David Standage, an American football player.
  • Johnny Standage, an English cricketer.
  • Nikki Standage, a New Zealand netball player.
  • Louis Standage, an Australian philosopher and historian.
  • Robert Standage, an American professor of international relations at the University of Washington.
  • Melvyn Standage, a British composer and conductor.

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