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Surname Stear - Meaning and Origin

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Stear: What does the surname Stear mean?

The last name Stear has a few possible origins. It could be derived from the German personal name ‘Stier’ which itself has several meanings. Stier can mean ‘stinger’, ‘beast of burden’ or ‘scavenger’, possibly referring to someone who took on these jobs. It could also be derived from the Old English word ‘steor’ meaning ‘stirrer’ or ‘agitator’, someone who likes to stir the pot and challenge the status quo. Another possibility is the Middle English word ‘ster’, meaning ‘the star’, indicating someone of high renown or importance.

The Stear surname first appeared in records in Somerset around 1490, in which Thomas Stear was listed as part of the Somerset Subsidy Rolls. The Stear surname then moved from Southwest England to the British North American colonies, with recordings of different spellings of the surname appearing in Barbados in 1645 and in the United States in 1663.

Today, the Stear name is still found in many countries with many different its variants. It remains popular in England, although there are also records of the name in Ireland, Scotland, the US, Canada, Australia and other countries.

In conclusion, the last name Stear is believed to have multiple origins, with potential meanings of ‘stinger’, ‘beast of burden’, ‘scavenger’, ‘stirrer’, ‘agitator’, ‘the star’ or someone of high renown or importance. It first appeared in Southwest England in the 1400s, and is now found in many countries around the world.

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Stear: Where does the name Stear come from?

The last name Stear is most commonly found within the United Kingdom, with largest concentrations of the name found in Cornwall, Devon, and Staffordshire. It is also found in other parts of Europe, particularly in Belgium, Germany, and Scandinavia. Stear is a fairly uncommon last name today, with 159 people sharing it in England and Wales in 2011. The name itself is thought to be of Anglo-Saxon origin, and derived from an occupational name meaning ‘ploughman’ or ‘farmer’.

It most likely originated as a nickname for one who was particularly adept at ploughing or farming. Stear is also thought to be a localised variant of Starr, Starr, or Starrack—which is derived from the Middle English word starke, meaning ‘strong’ or ‘vigorous’.

Most people with the surname Stear appear to have emigrated to the United States, Australia, and New Zealand in the 19th century—with many individuals known to have migrated to these countries during the industrial revolution. Stear is particularly common in the United States today, and the name is still in use with over two-thousand people holding it in 2018. The name is also popular in Australia, with over four-hundred people listed in the population records in 2020.

Stear is not as common a surname today as its may once have been, but it is still held by a large number of people throughout the United Kingdom, Europe, the United States, Australia, and New Zealand.

Variations of the surname Stear

The surname Stear can be found with multiple variants, spellings and surnames of origin. Some of these include "Starr", "Steer", "Stire", "Styer", "Styer", "Styre" and "Styrr".

Starr is probably the most commonly used variant of the surname Stear, and is believed to be the original form of the name. It is of English and Irish origin, derived from the Old English words "staeg" or "stear", meaning "stubborn". It is believed that this variant originated in England before travelling to Ireland and other parts of the world.

Steer is also an English variant of the same name, and has been in use since the 15th century. Like Starr, it is derived from the Old English words "staeg" or "stear", meaning "stubborn".

Stire is of English origin, although the exact origin of this variant is unknown. It is believed to be either a combination of ste(a)r and fire, or derived from the Old English words "stig" or "styte", meaning "stingy".

Styer and Styer are similar German variants of the same name, derived from the word "Stiere", meaning "bull". This variant is likely to have originated in Germany and other German-speaking countries.

Styre is also a German variant of the surname Stear. It is believed to be derived from the Old High German word "stior", meaning "'streng" or "stiff".

Finally, Styrr is a Scandinavian variant of the same name, derived from the Old Norse word "styr", meaning "strength". This variant is likely to have originated in Scandinavian countries such as Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

Famous people with the name Stear

  • John Stear: Australian actor and musician.
  • Catherine Stear: English television presenter and fashion columnist.
  • Jen Stear: American Actress.
  • Bryony Stear: English actress and model.
  • Stewart Stear: Canadian film composer.
  • Anna Mae Stear: American silent film actress.
  • Sam Stear: British television presenter and journalist.
  • Jess Stear: British actor and producer.
  • William Stear: American railroad executive and politician.
  • Richard Stear: English actor.
  • Annabel Stear: English poet and critic.
  • Julius Stear: American barrister and politician.
  • Charles Stear: American government official and entrepreneur.
  • Trina Stear: American hip-hop artist.
  • Jimmy Stear: American film producer and cataloguer.
  • Alberta Stear: American jazz singer.
  • Glinda Stear: American novelist and playwright.
  • Rick Stear: American jazz vocalist.
  • Jerry Stear: Irish actor.
  • Rachel Stear: British television presenter.

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