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Surname Steadham - Meaning and Origin

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Steadham: What does the surname Steadham mean?

The last name Steadham is of English origin and it is a habitational name, denoting someone hailing from a place called Steadham, Steatham or Steatham, towns believed to be in England. The name supposedly combines Old English elements “stede”, meaning “place” and “ham”, meaning “home” or “settlement”. Therefore, the surname Steadham can loosely be interpreted as "from the home or settlement place". This kind of name was often given to individuals who left their town or village of origin to reside elsewhere. Therefore, an individual encountered in a new place, would be identified by the name of the place from which they came. Over generations, this would evolve into a family surname. Thus, the surname Steadham carries with it a strong link to geographic roots and ancestral lands. Like most surnames, the exact origins can be difficult to trace due to changes in spelling and migration over centuries.

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Steadham: Where does the name Steadham come from?

The last name Steadham is most commonly found in the United States today. According to publicly available data, the surname Steadham is the 15,039th most common surname in America. It ranked as the 8,372nd most common name nationwide between 1880 and 2018.

The name Steadham appears to be most concentrated in the Appalachian Mountains and South-Central states. An analysis of the states in which Steadham was found showed more than a third of bearers of the name live in Arkansas and Texas. Further, the name ranks higher in the above states than in other geographic regions of the United States.

The name Steadham is also found to a lesser extent in Maryland, Georgia, and Pennsylvania. It also appears that the name has been found in the Midwest, primarily in the states of Illinois and Indiana.

Overall, Steadham appears to be an uncommon surname in the United States. When compared to national rankings, the name is more frequently encountered in Arkansas, Texas, Indiana, and Illinois. As its overall prevalence is rare, Steadham may be a localized family name.

Variations of the surname Steadham

The surname Steadham can be spelled in various ways such as Steadham, Stedham, Stedhamme, Sted homer, Stedhaine, Stedhemerh, Stedeham and Steadhamme. All of these forms essentially stem from the same origin.

This surname is believed to have originated in the Anglo-Saxon region of England, and is derived from the Old English word ‘stadham’, which itself is derived from the Old English words, ‘stað’, meaning ‘place’ and ‘ham’, meaning ‘homestead’. Therefore the literal meaning of the surname Steadham is ‘place of the homestead’.

For this reason, some variations of this surname can include Stader, Stedworth and Stodham as these all imply some form of ‘place dwelling’. There are also spelling variations which incorporate two names such as Stedworth-Hodsell and Hedley-Stedham which would have been formed by families that had both Steadham and another relevant surname in their lineage.

The earliest known recording of this surname in England dates as far back as the 11th century and includes that of Robert Stedham, who was recorded in the manuscript rolls of the county of Somerset in 1166. It is from this record and other similar ones, that we know the origin of the Steadham surname and its variants, helping modern day researchers trace their ancestry.

Famous people with the name Steadham

  • Pat Steadman: Pat Steadman is an American politician, former Colorado Senator, and current Executive Director and Deputy Legal Director for One Colorado, an advocacy organization for the LGBT community.
  • Lee Steadham: Lee Steadham is an American musician, artist, and author best known for being the vocalist and frontman of the rhythmic soul rock band 'Steamhammer'.
  • Alice Steadham: Alice Steadham is a British comedian and writer from Manchester, England. She is best known for her work on BBC Radio Four's topical comedy show 'The News Quiz'.
  • Makyla Steadham: Makyla Steadham is an American dancer and choreographer based in Los Angeles, California. She has choreographed music videos for Ariana Grande and Tove Lo, and has performed at events such as the BET Awards and American Music Awards.
  • James Steadham: James Steadham is a professional skateboarder from San Diego, California, who has appeared in competitions and events such as the Street League Skateboarding Championship and the X-Games.
  • Brad Steadham: Brad Steadham is a former American National Football League player, playing nose tackle for the Detroit Lions from 1989 to 1995.
  • Kim Steadham: Kim Steadham is an actress, writer, and producer, who has had roles in films such as 'To Save a Life' and '50 to 1'.
  • Kathy Steadham: Kathy Steadham is a former professional golfer who was a four-time winner on the Ladies Professional Golf Association of America.

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