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Surname Taban - Meaning and Origin

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Taban: What does the surname Taban mean?

The last name Taban is a surname derived from the Spanish and Portuguese word for a drum, also known as ‘taba’ or ‘tabal’. It is believed to have been given to families who were part of the military, as they often used drums to mark out commands and march in parades.

The surname is thought to have been used first in the 13th century, making it one of the oldest surnames in Spain. It is primarily Spanish in origin, but can be found in Portugal, Mexico, and much of Central and South America. The name is also quite common in many parts of Europe, particularly in countries with close links to Spain.

The spelling of the surname changes slightly between countries, with the Spanish spelling being ‘Tabán’ or ‘Tabánes’, and the Portuguese spelling being ‘Tabam’ or ‘Tabani’.

The name Taban is quite uncommon in the United States, but is found in many other parts of the world. It is believed to be derived from the word ‘taba’ and to represent the Spanish military role of many families who bear it. It is now a surname commonly found in many countries with a connection to Spain.

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Taban: Where does the name Taban come from?

Today, the last name Taban is most popular in Ethiopia. In Ethiopia, the Taban clan is one of the most populous ethnic groups, with 8 million people. The Taban people are commonly found in the country's eastern provinces such as the Somali and Afar regions, as well as the lowlands of Oromia. They are primarily pastoralists, and are considered to be among the oldest clans in the region.

The Taban people trace their ancestry back to the Neolithic era, and they have made significant contributions to Ethiopian culture throughout the centuries. They are highly regarded by the local people for their bravery and loyalty, and they are known for their tenacious spirit and unwillingness to capitulate to their enemies.

The Taban people speak the Afaan Oromoo language. They also have their own distinct dialect called Kabana Afaan, which is mainly used for communication between the various clans.

The Taban people are known for their nomadic lifestyle, and their subsistence economy is largely based around animal herding and manual labor. This includes raising animals such as cattle, goats, and sheep.

The Taban people are largely independent and self-sufficient, but there has been a trend in recent years of some young people leaving their villages to work in cities as small-scale entrepreneurs or in service or manual labor jobs. This means that Taban people can now be found in many urban areas, such as the capital city of Addis Ababa.

Variations of the surname Taban

The surname Taban is derived from the Arabic word "tabān" meaning "drummer". It is also derived from the Old Persian word "tappān" meaning "burning fire". It is found mainly in the Middle Eastern countries, India, and Central and South Asia.

Variants of the surname Taban include Taban, Tabandeh, Tabann, Tabanni, Tabannah, Tabannam, Tabbano, Tabbar, Tabbarah, Tabbanam, Tabanno, Tabanto, Tabanam, Tabannum, Tabba, Tabbash, Tabban, Tabbann, Tabbas, Tabbib, Tabebah, Tapane, and Tapango.

Spellings of the surname Taban include Taban, Tabane, Tabann, Tabana, Tabban, Tabbano, Taben, Tapan, Tapane, Tapann, Tabanam, Tabannam, Tabanno, Tabano, Tabano, and Tapango.

Surnames of the same origin as Taban include Tappan, Taben, Tabini, Tabin, Tapanda, Tapandi, Tabakov, Tapados, Tabot, Tabani, Tappani, Tappanos, Tapi, Tapais, Tabaz, Tabat, Tabbia, Tabian, and Tabiu.

Famous people with the name Taban

  • Awol Erizku: Ethiopian-American visual artist
  • Marghuerite Taban Lo Liyong: Ugandan doctor, poet, activist, and professor
  • Abdiweli Mohamed Ali: Somali politician and former Prime Minister
  • Ali Taban: Sudanese photographer
  • Anas Abu Taban: Emirati businessman
  • Safia Taban: Yemeni attorney
  • Yasmeen Tabbaa: Palestinian artist
  • Mona Taban: Kuwaiti author
  • Bassam Taban: Syrian writer and activist
  • Reem Taban: Saudi Arabian fashion designer

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