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Surname Tabbots - Meaning and Origin

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Tabbots: What does the surname Tabbots mean?

The last name TABBOTS has its roots in the English language and is believed to have originated in Hertfordshire. It is a locational surname, which means it is derived from a location where the ancestral family lived.

The origin of the surname is generally thought to come from the town of Taberthorpe, which is derived from the Old English words "TAFIR" and "TORP", which mean dweller on the ridge.

Throughout the centuries, TABBOTS families spread across England and other English-speaking countries. This surname is an especially common one in the United States and Canada, where it is most prevalent.

The surname can be found in the records of many famous people, including public figures such as William Tabbots, an aviator who flew during World War I, and Lionel Tabbots, a famous English actor.

TABBOTS is a name that can be found all around the world. It is steeped in the rich history of the English language and the many places that have been home to its bearers. To anyone with this surname, it holds a special family connection that crosses centuries and continents.

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Tabbots: Where does the name Tabbots come from?

The surname Tabbots is most commonly found in the United States today. It has roots in England—its earliest known spelling was Tbouris, which shows up in Yorkshire records in the 1300s—but today it is much more widespread throughout the United States.

The Tabbots surname first appears in the United States in the 1800s. Many members of the family moved to Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania, but it is also found in other places around the country. According to the US Census Bureau, the surname is particularly common in New York State, but has since spread outwards from there.

The most common variants today are Tabbot, Tabot, Tabout, and Tabert. There are currently over 900 households in the United States with this surname, and it ranks 50397th in popularity among all American surnames.

For more information, researchers can look to the Tabbot family Facebook page, which is dedicated to the discussion and recording of the various branches of this surname. The page includes genealogical maps, family trees, and other resources and is a great place to start for anyone trying to find out more about this surname.

Variations of the surname Tabbots

The surname TABBOTS has many variants, spellings and surnames with the same origin. These include:

Tabb, Tabbs, Tabbott, Tabbotts, Tabboth, Tabbot, Tabbouth, Tabbert, Tabbertt, Tabbertott and Tabbe.

The surname TABBOTS originated in the twelfth century in England and is believed to have been derived from the French given name, ‘Tabbot’; from the old French word taba, meaning ‘a glove’ or ‘glove maker’. The name can also be traced back to the given name ‘Tobil (or Tobil)’; derived from the Hebrew name ‘Toviyah’, meaning ‘God is good’.

The TABBOTS family was prominent in Wales during the 13th century and the chief of the clan, Ascall Tabbots was granted lands at Picton in Montgomeryshire by King Edward I of England in 1278. Other notable TABBOTS families can be found in Ireland, Scotland and America.

The surname TABBOTS has been spelt in many different ways and has been associated or confused with other similar surnames, such as Thabbs, Taphouse, Thobot, Topbold and Tabot.

It is possible to find occurrences of the surname TABBOTS across the world in current records. From the United Kingdom to the United States, and from Canada to Australia; families with the surname TABBOTS can be found around the globe.

Famous people with the name Tabbots

  • Kevin Tabbots: American soccer player
  • Patrick Tabbots: Canadian professional ice hockey player
  • Martha Tabbots: Australian entrepreneur and philanthropist
  • Ella Tabbots: British painter
  • Franck Tabbots: French actor and comedian
  • Isaiah Tabbots: American professional basketball player
  • John Tabbots: British musician, songwriter, and producer
  • Amber Tabbots: America's Next Top Model contestant
  • Loretta Tabbots: American photographer
  • Chara Tabbots: Indigenous Canadian artist, also known as Chara Zupo-Tabbots.

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