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Surname Tabbotts - Meaning and Origin

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Tabbotts: What does the surname Tabbotts mean?

The last name TABBOTTS is of English origin and dates back to early medieval times. The name is believed to have been derived from the Old English word ‘Tæbbot’, which means an extra piece of clothing or a tabard. This specifically referred to the sleeveless, coat-like garments worn by nobles and soldiers during the Middle Ages, and were often decorated with a family’s heraldic device.

The surname has various spellings, including Tabbotts, Tabotts, Tabbott, and Tabot. These spelling variations are typically attributed to a lack of standardized spelling in the medieval times. The first recorded TABBOTTS is John Tabbot, who is listed in the Yorkshire Poll Tax of 1379.

TABBOTTS families have lived in various parts of England, but they can particularly be found in Cornwall. Additionally, a branch of this family is found in the US, having migrated to the state of New Jersey in 1662.

The name TABBOTTS continues to be used as a surname today. It is typically seen as a derivation of the old English tabard, representing a respect for the great heraldic past of the family. The modern spelling suggests a connection to the same ancestry.

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Tabbotts: Where does the name Tabbotts come from?

The surname TABBOTTS is quite rare today, though it is found in many different countries, especially throughout the United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia. It is also present in other parts of Europe, including the Netherlands, Germany, and Spain.

In the United Kingdom, most instances of TABBOTTS can be found in England. Research has led to numerous TABBOTTS documented in records from the counties of Lancashire, Buckinghamshire, Norfolk, Cornwall, Northumberland, and Sussex.

In the United States, TABBOTTS is most often found in the states of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Nebraska. Quite a few TABBOTTS families have also arrived in the states of Michigan and Ohio. In Canada, the surname is particularly common in the provinces of Ontario and Quebec.

Australia is home to the majority of TABBOTTS families across the globe. It is one of the most highly populated countries with records of TABBOTTS, located primarily within the states of Victoria, New South Wales and Tasmania.

Thus, while TABBOTTS may not be a common surname anywhere in the world, there are certainly numerous families with this name who are living in countries across the world.

Variations of the surname Tabbotts

The surname TABBOTTS has variations in both spelling and variants. Some of the more common variants of TABBOTTS include Tabot, Tabott, Tabote, Taboot, Tabotts, Tabbott, Tabbotts, Tabbart, Tabbatt, Tabbet, Taber, Tabbit, and Tabbutt. Some of the alternative spellings include Tabots, Tabotts, Tabort, Tapott, Tappott, Tabart, Tabert, Tabaut, Tabbets, Tabbut, and Tobott.

Several other surnames have evolved from TABBOTTS as well. Some of the surnames related to TABBOTTS are Taboret, Tabrose, Taggerty, Tabatt, Tabbanor, Taberner, Tabbron, Tabernacle, Tabak, Tabarie, and Taborn. These surnames are all variations of TABBOTTS, with Taboret and Tabrose likely being the closest in terms of origin and spelling.

The surname TABBOTTS is thought to have originated from the Old French and Latin words “tabouret” and “tabula”, which both mean “table”. It is believed that the name refers to someone who made or sold small tables, or perhaps someone who worked as a table maker or table seller.

Since the name is derived from a French word, it is associated with the Normans who settled in England after the Norman Conquest of 1066. The surname TABBOTTS is particularly numerous in Devon, England, and has been a long-established surname in many other parts of Great Britain and Europe.

The name TABBOTTS is sometimes used interchangeably with similar and related names like Tabot, Taboot, and Tabarte. People named TABBOTTS, however, can trace its origin back to the Old French and Latin words for “table”, and the surname has a much longer and more distinct history than other related names.

Famous people with the name Tabbotts

  • Marcia Tabbotts, actress in the TV series Punk’d.
  • Mildred Tabbotts, accomplished musician and composer.
  • Patrick Tabbotts, former Marine and war veteran who later became a lecturer.
  • Carla Tabbotts, Vice President of Human Resources and Benefits at the University of Miami.
  • Richard Tabbotts, English born philanthropist and political activist.
  • Ruby Tabbotts, British painter and contemporary artist.
  • Grace Tabbotts, award-winning contemporary dancer.
  • Alison Tabbotts, key member of the nutrition department at the University of California.
  • Allen Tabbotts, retired professional basketball player for the Atlanta Hawks in the NBA.
  • Kevin Tabbotts, former professional baseball player for the Lansing Lugnuts.

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