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Surname Tacke - Meaning and Origin

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Tacke: What does the surname Tacke mean?

The surname Tacke is of German origin and translates literally to "tack" or "nail" in English. It is thought to have derived from the Middle High German term "zacke," meaning "point" or "spike." The name likely started as a nickname or occupational name for a maker or seller of nails or tacks. Over time, it evolved to become a family name. Surnames based on jobs or occupations were common in medieval Germany, which could be the case with the Tacke surname. Since it's a relatively common name, different families bearing this surname might not be genealogically related. Like many European surnames, the exact origins and meaning can vary and might not always be entirely clear due to the passage of time and lack of comprehensive historic records.

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Tacke: Where does the name Tacke come from?

The last name Tacke is commonly found in Germany today. In fact, in recent records, Tacke is the 2,814th most common name in the entire country. The surname has German origins and is considered to be of noble and aristocratic standing, originating from a baronial line in the Middle Ages. The original form of the name likely derives from the Latin word 'taceo', meaning 'I keep silent'.

The Tacke name is most heavily concentrated in the western and southwestern regions of Germany, such as the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. It is also common in the south of the country, especially in the states of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg. In the US, the name is less spread out and can mainly be found in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. Most of these people likely trace their roots back to immigrants from Germany who arrived in the 1800s.

So, today, the last name Tacke is most commonly associated with Germany, although it has also spread to other countries, such as the US and Austria, as well as other parts of Europe.

Variations of the surname Tacke

The Tacke surname is a German surname derived from an old German word 'take' meaning 'tankard'. It is most commonly found in Austria, Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Variants of the Tacke surname include Tack, Taeck, Taecke, Tackes, Tacken, Tecken, Teken, and Tecken.

In Germany, the Tacke surname is often spelled as Täcke. It is possible that this variant originates from Low German speakers, who often omitted the umlaut over the 'a'.

The Tacke surname can also be found as part of other surnames, such as Tackmann, Tackenbrock, Tackenhagen and Tackeberg. These surnames are formed by adding a suffix to the main surname, such as -man (meaning 'man'), -brock (meaning 'brook'), and -berg (meaning 'hill').

In addition, a variation of Tacke is Thacke. This spelling appears to be mainly confined to the Netherlands. It is probable that this is a Dutch Anglicization of the original Tacke form.

Finally, Taecke, Taeck, and Tekke appear to be Dutch variants of Tacke. This variant appears to be confined to the Dutch provinces of North-Brabant and Limburg.

Overall, the Tacke surname appears to have various variations and spellings throughout Europe. Depending on historical and regional influences, Tacke can be found as Tacke, Tack, Taeck, Taecke, Tackes, Tacken, Tecken, Teken, Tecken, Täcke, Tackmann, Tackenbrock, Tackenhagen, Tackeberg, Thacke, Taecke, Taeck, and Tekke.

Famous people with the name Tacke

  • Udo Tacke (German footballer)
  • Helmut Tacke (German U-boat commander)
  • Franz Tacke ( German theologian and Catholic cardinal)
  • Rita Tacke (German television actress)
  • April Tacke (American softball player)
  • Carl Tacke (German mathematician, physicist, and astronomer)
  • Herbert Tacke (German submarine commander in World War II)
  • Oskar Tacke ( German World War II fighter ace)
  • Katie Tacke (American Master of Eloquence, Voice and Performance Coach)
  • Ina Tacke (German fashion designer and entrepreneur)
  • Heinz Tacke (German entrepreneur and author)
  • Margret Tacke (German author and columnist)
  • Erhard Tacke (German author, journalist, and publicist)
  • Josef Tacke (German industrialist and co-founder of the IFW Institute for Economic Research)
  • Michael Tacke (German sculptor and artist)
  • Harold Tacke (American musician, composer and conductor)
  • Martin Tacke (German film and television director)
  • Henry Tacke (German manager and CEO of multiple corporations)
  • Leon Tacke (German author and illustrator)
  • Johanna Tacke (German television actress)

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