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Surname Tack - Meaning and Origin

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Tack: What does the surname Tack mean?

The surname Tack is of Dutch origin and it primarily signifies a 'nail maker.' It traces back to the Middle Dutch word 'tac,' meaning a pin or nail, and was likely used as an occupational surname for those who specialized in making and selling nails. The word 'tack' is still used to refer to certain types of nails, indirectly reflecting its historical occupation-related etymology. It is also theorised that this surname may have been assigned to people residing in a nail-shaped piece of land, referring to geographical characteristics. Surnames often became necessary when governments started levying personal taxation. In England, such names first began to be used in the 12th Century. Hence, the origins of Tack can imply professional, geographical, or topographical associations depending on the historical context.

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Tack: Where does the name Tack come from?

The last name Tack is most commonly found in the Netherlands as of 2020. It is thought that the origin of the name may be Germanic or Dutch in origin, and it is believed to have originated in the Middle Ages. It is most frequently found in the cities of Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam, Eindhoven, and The Hague.

Tack is a rarer surname in other countries, and is most commonly found in English-speaking countries, such as the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia. It is a common belief that Tack is a shortened version of the name ‘Stack’, or derived from a nickname for someone who loves to talk.

In the United States, the last name Tack is most common in Texas, California, and New Jersey. The names popularity in the United States has grown relatively quickly in the last few years, and is currently ranked at 2,772 of the most commonly used names in the country.

The surname Tack is likely to be from a nickname, derived from the old Germanic and Dutch words for ‘talk’, takhwa. Therefore, it’s believed that those with the surname Tack may have descended from individuals who were known for their overly gregarious and talkative nature.

Variations of the surname Tack

The surname Tack is derived from an Old English word for “a crate”. It is found in many different variations and spellings, including Tack, Tacke, Tackes, Tacques, Tacks, Tackx, Tackax, Stack, Stackx, Stackes, Stacks, Stacke, Stacks, Stacques, Staque, Stax, Stackq, and Tak.

In some cases, the surname Tack may also be found as a variation of another name entirely. For instance, the surname 'Tack' could be derived from the Old French title 'le Tache' to mean 'The Spot' or the 'The Stain', and is sometimes spelled 'Tache'. Additionally, the surname Tack may be derived from the Dutch word 'Tak', which means branches or twigs, and is sometimes spelled 'Takx' or 'Taks'.

Variants and derivatives of the Tack surname can be found in numerous countries, including England, France, the Netherlands, Germany, and the United States. In Scotland, the surname is believed to have derived from an Old Norse word for 'back' and is sometimes spelled 'Tackett'.

In the United States, the Tack surname may also have been derived from German immigrants who used the word 'Stachel', which means prickly or spiny. This variant is often spelled 'Tackl' or 'Tackle'.

Surnames have evolved over time, and many surnames have been combined and blended with others through the years. As such, although most records appear to connect the surname Tack to the English noun for “a crate”, it is possible that references to other meanings may also exist.

Famous people with the name Tack

  • Houston Tack: A professional basketball player who played in the National Basketball Association (NBA). He started his career on the Detroit Pistons in 1953 and was known to be one of the few players who could still make a mid-range jump shot.
  • Tia Tack: An actress, singer, and dancer who starred in the hit television series The Voice. She has also been featured in shows such as America's Got Talent, Nickelodeon's Game Show Results and the animated Disney series Cake Wars.
  • Michael Tack: A multi award-winning British actor who has appeared in films such as X-Men: First Class and the Harry Potter films alongside Daniel Radcliffe.
  • Jeremy Tack: An American mixed martial artist who has competed in various promotions since 2016, such as the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). He has won many fights in the lightweight division.
  • Greg Tack: An unusual professional wrestler and former Chairman of AOL Wrestling. He is known for wearing a mask while performing, and his finishing move "Tack Attack" is becoming legendary in the wrestling community.
  • Rachel Tack: An Emmy Award winning television and radio host who currently hosts the show The Rachel Tack Show, which airs on radio stations around the world.
  • Francis Tack: A British children's illustrator, best known for his illustrations in the Harry Potter series.
  • William Tack: An international football player who played as a goalkeeper for the United States Men's National Soccer Team. He was also the head coach and technical director for the team for several years and was on the coaching staff of the U-17 team in 2019.

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