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Surname Tac - Meaning and Origin

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Tac: What does the surname Tac mean?

The last name Tac is of Spanish origin and is derived from the personal name "Tacho." This is likely a diminutive form of a name like Gonzalo, meaning "battle-ready."

In the Middle Ages, the family with the last name Tac was influential, often times having important political positions or being leaders of their respective villages or towns.

Most people with the last name Tac are of Spanish descent, although there are some scattered families that have the surname residing in other countries.

Tac is usually spelled with one C when written, as opposed to other Spanish surnames that have two. This can be traced back to the original spelling of the surname when it first began to be used in the 15th century.

The Tac family usually take pride in their last name. The surname is believed to signify strength, power, courage, and a sense of belonging.

Those who bear the name are usually considered to be wise, well-respected, and steadfast. They typically make it a point to look out for the welfare of those around them.

In Spanish culture, tradition, and religion are also important to Tac families. They honor their ancestors and have an unwavering faith in God.

Overall, the name Tac holds deep meaning and speaks to the strength, courage, and loyalty of the family who bears it.

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Tac: Where does the name Tac come from?

The last name Tac is most commonly found in the Asian countries of China, Guam, India, and Japan. In Japan, it is written in Katakana, タッ. In India, the last name Tac is an anglicization of the Hindu name, Thakur.

In China, Tac is a common surname that can be found all across the country. The name is often used as a title to denote a leader or scholar. In addition, it is sometimes seen as part of an ancestral name that follows a village name.

In Guam, Tac is a variation of the Spanish-Filipino surname, Taccao. This surname was first adopted by early Spanish colonists in the Philippines when they took local Choco ethnic surnames and gave them a Spanish spelling.

In the United States, Tac is not as common. It is more likely to be of Asian origin and to be found within a Chinese, Japanese, Indian or Filipino community. As of the most recent United States census, it ranks 6,552 on the list of American surnames.

Overall, the last name Tac is most commonly found in the Asian countries of China, Guam, India, and Japan. It is sometimes used to denote a leader or scholar and other times it is part of an ancestral name. In the United States, it is more likely to be found in Chinese, Japanese, Indian and Filipino communities.

Variations of the surname Tac

Tac is a rare surname of unknown origin. Its variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin include:

Tack – This spelling is commonly seen in English speaking countries around the world. This spelling is believed to originate from the Dutch surname “Tacke” which means "little man".

Tak – This spelling is more common in Asian cultures such as Chinese. It is believed to have come from the ancient Chinese surname “Tai” which means "great".

Tackx – Another spelling of Tack, more often seen in Dutch speaking areas, may have originated from the Punjabi surname “Takrix” which means "brave".

Taak – This spelling is more common in Arabic speaking countries and is believed to have originated from the Arabic surname “Takh” which means "one who fights".

Tah – This spelling is more common in African cultures and is believed to have originated from the Nigerian tribal surname “Tah” which means "one who triumphs".

Tsaq – This spelling is more common in Slavic speaking countries and is believed to have originated from the Russian surname “Tsak” which means "soldier".

Regardless of origin, the many spellings of Tac have remained popular over the centuries due to the strength and courage associated with this surname.

Famous people with the name Tac

  • Tac Farrid: Indonesian R&B singer and songwriter.
  • Bobby Tacuma: American jazz bass guitarist.
  • Josef Tacke: German painter and sculptor.
  • Han Ahn-tac: South Korean singer.
  • Oscar Robert Tacke: Mexican cinematographer.
  • Tae-yong Tac: South Korean professional golfer.
  • Samuel Tac: Argentinian Hispanic studies scholar and professor.
  • TacQ: Indonesian record producer.
  • Asa Tac: Brazilian actress.
  • Tacua Santos Marques: Brazilian mixed martial artist.

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