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Surname TaÇi - Meaning and Origin

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TaÇi: What does the surname TaÇi mean?

The last name Taçi is a common Albanian family name, and amongst a few other surnames, is one of the most prominent in the country. It can be interpreted to mean a “crown” or “coronet”, hinting at past wealth and nobility heritage of the family. In some parts of Albania, the Taçi family is seen as one of the most influential amongst Albanian families.

The Taçi surname originated from an ancient tribal system which existed in Albania and other surrounding regions in the Balkan Peninsula. It is said that the name was given to certain members of certain clans to mark the individuality and importance for one of their members within the clan. It is also possible that the origin of the Taçi surname lies in Ottoman Empire when it was quite common for noble families to adopt the title “Taçi” to represent their wealth and influence.

Tracing the Taçi surname can be quite challenging as is common for most Albanian family names, given that there have been large-scale migrations of Albanians to different countries over the last century. One destination has been other countries in the former Yugoslavia, where many Albanians sought to find a better life during and after World War II.

Today, the Taçi surname is a common Albanian name, prompting a sense of pride amongst its family members. It is a reminder of how powerful families’ roots can be, dating back right to the start of Albanian civilization, shared by many generations of the same family.

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TaÇi: Where does the name TaÇi come from?

The surname Taçi is common mainly in Albania and the surrounding Balkan countries, where it is derived from the Albanian word “taç” which means crown. Members of the Taçi family descend from famous Albania aristocrats that were influential in their respective region for centuries. The most noted of the Taçi family is Ali Pasha Taçi, a political figure and strong leader of Albania during the 19th century. The surname is also fairly popular in other parts of Europe, such as Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia, and Croatia.

In Albania, the Taçi family is widely respected as a noble clan. In each region, the surname typically passes down from father to son, and the name is most commonly used in the context of introducing someone in a formal or social setting. It is seen as being a sign of great honor to have the surname, as it’s associated with the Albanian royal family.

In recent years, the Taçi name has appeared in numerous countries outside of the Balkan region, including the United States. It is not nearly as popular in the U.S., however, as the name has not been around long enough to create a strong lineage in the states. In the U.S., the surname is found mainly in the western and northern states such as California, New York, and Texas.

Overall, the surname Taçi is still most common amongst the nations of the Balkans, where it has been an integral part of Albanian culture for centuries. As with many surnames of European descent, it has made its way into other countries around the world and is slowly gaining recognition in the United States.

Variations of the surname TaÇi

TAÇI is an Albanian surname with numerous variants and spellings from different languages.

In Albanian, Tachi is an alternate spelling. Tachi is also a Hungarian surname. In Turkish, Tașcı is the spelling.

Tachi is also a variant of the Portuguese surname Tacho. This surname is also present in the Dominican Republic, the United States, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Brazil.

The Italian and Portuguese surnames Taço and Taça, which are spelled Tasci in Italian, are derived from Tachi, meaning “cup” in some dialects. It has also become a common surname in the Basque region of Spain.

Tasche is a German surname derived from Tachi. Another German variant is Taschner or Taschen.

The Spanish surname Tasche is derived from the same root word, as is Taschner and Tascheter in Swiss German.

In Ukraine, the surname Tasci is derived from the Ukrainian word for cup.

Tachi is also a Korean surname, derived from the word for “bottom” or “ground”. Variants of this surname include Tache and Tachei.

Finally, the English surname Tache is derived from Tachi. This surname is mostly found in Britain and Australia.

Famous people with the name TaÇi

  • Gilbert Taçi: An Albanian-American entrepreneur and televangelist known for his many investments and contributions in the entertainment industry.
  • Mario Taçi: Italian businessman and entrepreneur, founder of Taçi Group and president of Taçi Sviluppo, an Italian real estate development company.
  • Kristaq Taçi: Prime Minister of Albania from 2013 to 2017 following the 2013 general elections.
  • Ilda Taçi: Albanian social activist, lawyer, human rights defender, and a prominent leader of the peaceful anti-governmental protests in 2011.
  • Nasë Taçi: Albanian singer, songwriter, composer and producer, best known for his many hit singles.
  • Besnik Taçi: Kosovar-Albanian footballer who currently plays for Spanish club Valencia CF.
  • Flamur Taçi: Albanian former basketball player and coach, known for his successful playing career and winning many international trophies.
  • Ermal Taçi: Albanian singer, actor, television host and presenter, founder of the Ermal Taçi Foundation.
  • Gjergji Taçi: Albanian lawyer, human rights activist, journalist and media entrepreneur.
  • Julian Taçi: Albanian actress and musician, notable for her roles in the critically acclaimed films Altar Boy and Blue Vanity.

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