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Surname Tabon - Meaning and Origin

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Tabon: What does the surname Tabon mean?

The last name Tabon is a Spanish surname, with roots derived from the Basque language of Northern Spain. Its meaning refers to someone who is “familiar,” “affectionate,” “friendly” and “kind.” The literal translation of the name is “table” or “board”. It is believed that the root of this name is derived from an ancient Basque game, similar to chess, where the players use a board with several pieces, known as “tabón”. In addition, in some parts of Spain, the word “tabon” was used to refer to a person who was close to the family, who was accepted and well-liked.

The Basque region from which Tabon originated is known for its distinctive traditions. It is a region of unique folklore, gastronomy, music and art. The Basque people have managed to preserve many of their traditions, habits and customs from ancient times, so it is possible that the Tabon surname has been passed down from generation to generation without ever losing its original meaning.

It is estimated that there are more than ten thousand people who currently bear the Tabon surname. Those who bear this name are spread out over several countries, including Spain, the United States, Mexico, Venezuela, Aruba, Chile, and even the Philippines. As with other Basque surnames, there is likely an associated coat of arms to indicate the origin of the surname. As with other Basque surnames, Tabon represents a distinctive characteristic of the Basque people, as a leadership quality, an enduring loyalty, and an open-heartedness.

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Tabon: Where does the name Tabon come from?

The last name Tabon is most common in the Philippines, where it usually originates from Chinese immigrants who have settled in the country. The surname is also found in some parts of Southeast Asia, especially Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. In the United States, Tabon is a rare name, but it can occasionally be found in the ancestral records of Filipino immigrants to the US.

Tabon is thought to have derived from the Chinese surname Tobon, which originally referred to a place near the East China Sea. Alternatively, the surname could be derived from a Vietnamese source, with its original meaning being a person who studies orission.

Tabon is an uncommon and unique last name. People who bear this name can trace their ancestry back to the Chinese immigrants who settled in the Philippines centuries ago. Although the name is rare, it holds cultural significance in the Philippine community and could be an interesting piece of family history to pass through the generations.

Variations of the surname Tabon

The surname TABON comes from a Hebrew name, and it can be written and pronounced variously. The most relevant variations include:

TAPON: This spelling is particularly found among Sephardic Jews of Portuguese and Spanish ancestry.

TEPON: This spelling is particularly found among Sephardic Jews of North African and Mizrahi descent.

TEPONI: This spelling is found among Ashkenazi Jews of Eastern Europe.

TAPUNI: This spelling may also be found, but more rarely.

TABONE: This is the French and Maltese variant of the family name. Britons with Maltese background may use this surname.

TAPONI: This is the Italian variant of the surname.

TAFONE: This is a variant of the name found among Jewish persons in Sicily.

TAPONS: This is another form of the surname typically found among some Spanish and Portuguese Jews.

TAPONSKY: Also found among some Eastern European Jews, this is the Slavic, Czech, Hungarian and Russian variation of the surname.

TAPONSKI: Found mainly among Jews in Poland, this is an alternate form of the surname.

TAPONIK: This is a variation of the name found especially among Lithuanian Jews.

TAPONIKAS: This is a variation of the name found among Lithuanian Jews and also among Jews living in Pomerania.

For surnames in the Baltics and Scandinavia, the spelling may also be TAFFON or TAFFONI.

Moreover, the fashion of compounding two family names has become quite popular in some countries such as Mexico, where people with the family name TABON may have combined it with their mother's maiden name to create new compounds like TAFFON-GUTIERREZ.

Famous people with the name Tabon

  • Patrice Tabon, French business leader
  • Isabela Tabon, Brazilian psychologist and professor
  • Cile Tabon, Argentinian actress
  • Carlos Tabon, Columbian engineer
  • Ruben Tabon, Venezuelan orthopedic surgeon
  • Maria Tabon, Filipino environmental scientist
  • Mark Tabon, English neuroscientist
  • Julie Tabon, French lawyer
  • Jonas Tabon, Dutch law professor
  • Niall Tabon, Irish mathematician

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