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Surname Tabot - Meaning and Origin

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Tabot: What does the surname Tabot mean?

The last name Tabot is of French origin and is believed to be derived from the old French word "tabard" which means "cloak" or "cape". It is also possibly related to the old French word "tabarder" which means "to cloak oneself" or "to veil".

In some cases, the surname Tabot could have originated from a nickname for individuals who wore a tabard or cloak. Over time, this nickname could have evolved into a surname adopted by the individual's descendants.

In other cases, the surname Tabot may have been derived from a rather playful sense of "abstracting" or "generalizing" the French word "tabour", which means "drum". This suggests that the family may have originated from a person with a fondness of music, drums in particular.

The earliest known record of the surname Tabot dates back to the late 1500s in St. Germain de Lisle, France. By the mid 1600s, a branch of the Tabot family had emigrated to Newfoundland, Canada. After the mid 1700s, the Tabot family began to migrate to the United States, eventually settling in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and New York.

Today, the Tabot family continues in both the United States and Canada, both as a common and rare last name. Its meaning and origin, however, remains a source of curiosity and historical intrigue.

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Tabot: Where does the name Tabot come from?

The surname Tabot is a relatively rare modern surname, which makes it difficult to pinpoint exactly where it is most commonly found. Tabot is thought to be derived from a Hebrew word meaning 'good-hearted'.

The name is currently most common in France, where most of the Tabot families in modern times have migrated from. In France, Tabots are primarily located in the departments of Isère and Savoie, in the Rhône-Alpes region near the Swiss border. The majority of these Tabots are descendants of Yiddish-speaking immigrants who fled the Jewish ghettos of northeastern France during World War Two.

Tabot is also found, albeit more rarely, in other parts of Europe, such as Germany, Austria, Italy, and Spain. In the United Kingdom, Tabot continues to be found mainly in North West London and other cities in the area. In North America, the name can be found mainly in Canada, particularly in and around Montreal, but there are also some Tabot families living in various parts of the United States.

Although most Tabots in the modern era can be traced back to one ancestral group, the name continues to be widespread enough to be seen relatively often around the world.

Variations of the surname Tabot

The surname Tabot is very rare and is thought to be of Basque origin. It has various variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin; some of which include Tasbot, Tabat, Tabarte, Tabarthe, Tabar, Tabbata, Taboada, Tabara and Tabone. It is also occasionally spelled 'Tabott', 'Taboot', or 'Tabba' due to phonetic spelling over time.

In addition, the alternative spellings of Tabot include Taba, Tabah, Tabel, Taber, Tabin, Toba, and Tobah. The same nickname can also be used as a surname for various spellings, usually being translated into words like Taber, Tabiner, Toband, and Tabaon.

The TABOT surname is believed to be of Basque origin and is thought of as an old Basque family name. It is believed to have been derived from the Basque word tabo, which means "scabbard". The basque language is a pre-Indo-European language that is still spoken today in parts of Spain and France.

One of the earliest known of this surname is Elizondo de Tabot, referenced in 1590. In modern times, one notable bearer of this surname is Jean-Rene Tabet, a French engineer and politician.

In conclusion, the Tabot surname has many variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin, some of which include Tasbot, Tabat, Tabarte, Tabarthe, Tabar, Tabbata, Taboada, Tabara and Tabone.

Famous people with the name Tabot

  • Charlotte Tabot: Cameroonian actress, film producer, media activist, and beauty pageant contestant.
  • Théophile Tabot: President of Cameroon from 1982 to 1983.
  • Pierre-Noël Tabot: Cameroonian politician and constitutional law scholar.
  • Gilbert Tabot: Nigerian sculptor and printmaker.
  • Elvis Tabot: Cameroonian football player and coach.
  • Julienne Tabot: Cameroonian politician and Minister of Social and Educational Affairs.
  • Jonas Tabot: Cameroonian Catholic bishop.
  • Alphonse Tabot: Central African Republic politician, diplomat and former Prime Minister.
  • Léon-Alexandre Tabot: Cameroonian entrepreneur and politician.
  • Léon Tabot: Cameroonian painter known for his vivid abstract works.

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