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Surname Tabotts - Meaning and Origin

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Tabotts: What does the surname Tabotts mean?

The last name Tabotts is an English surname of Norman origin. The name likely originated from the Norman given name Tabet or Tabet, which is derived from the Old German name Theudobaud.

In the Middle Ages, the Normans traveled and conquered many areas, including England, leading to the spread of many of their personal names throughout the region. This is especially true for two particular names, Robert and William, which are still very common in England today.

The surname Tabotts first appears in records in 1200 A.D. when William Tabotts was recorded in the Oxfordshire Hundred Rolls. Over time, Tabotts has spread throughout England and is now most common in the London and Hertfordshire areas.

Tabotts is a patronymic surname, meaning that the original bearer derived their name from their father’s given name. This surname is still shared today by many families who have adopted it as their own. It is also thought to be a spelling variation on the surname Taber.

Overall, the last name Tabotts is an English Norman name with a long history in England. It is thought to have originally derived from the Old German name Theudobaud, and today it is shared by many families.

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Tabotts: Where does the name Tabotts come from?

The last name Tabotts is most commonly found today in the United States and United Kingdom. In the United States, the highest concentration (per 1000 people) of the surname is found in Minnesota, while the most individuals with the last name Tabotts live in Ohio according to the 2020 US Census data.

In the United Kingdom, almost 2000 people are recorded with the last name. The highest concentrations of the surname are spread throughout England, with the peak prevalence situating itself in metropolitan London and county Hertfordshire.

The surname Tabotts is quite rare, however. Across both countries, there are only a few thousand people with the name. There is also no particularly defined region where this surname is most commonly found; while similar surnames are more heavily concentrated in specific areas around both countries, such as around the English midlands, the Tabotts focuses are more widely spread.

The last name itself dates back to at least the 1600s, so the origins of it are likely to belong to the British Isles or somewhere in Europe. This surname could have been adapted from any of the various languages spoken by those in Britain at the time, or it might have been transmitted from a different area. Until research is done, the etymology of this name will remain unclear.

Variations of the surname Tabotts

The surname Tabotts can be spelt in several different variants; some of which are Tabot, Tabott, Taboate, Tabottes, Taboots, Tabotts, Tabotz, Tapot, Tebbutt, and Tibutt.

The origins of the surname Tabotts can be found in old English and Norman French; the name meaning "one who comes from the village of Robec." It can be found in records from the 12th century, with variants such as "Tebot" and "Tibote." It is likely of toponymic origin, indicating the original bearer of the surname had properties in Robec that they may have taken their name from.

The surname Tabotts is also found in records from the 17th century with the variant spelling of Taboot, and in the 18th century with the spelling Tabott. As a regional surname, it was not particularly common elsewhere in England until the 19th century.

There are some variants of Tabotts which appear in North America and Canada, such as Taboate, Tabottes, and Tabotz. These are likely from immigrants who emigrated from England in the 17th and 18th centuries.

As you can see, the surname Tabotts has a number of variants, with the majority of them being derived from England. As a family name, it is not particularly common, but is almost certainly associated with the village of Robec.

Famous people with the name Tabotts

  • Zsazsa Tabott: a Canadian actress and singer from a family of entertainers.
  • Kitty Tabotts: an English singer-songwriter and composer.
  • Ian Tabotts: an Australian professional tennis player.
  • Mark Tabotts: a former National Hockey League player.
  • Jay Tabotts: a professional ice skater, dancer, and actor.
  • Cara Tabotts: an American modern artist and poet.
  • Nick Tabotts: a British composer, conductor, and arranager.
  • Sergei and Katya Tabotts: Russian dancers and acrobats.
  • Robyn Tabotts: an American author, artist, composer, and teacher.
  • Andrew Tabotts: an Irish-born film producer, director, and graphic designer.

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