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Surname Tabott - Meaning and Origin

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Tabott: What does the surname Tabott mean?

The last name Tabott has a long and interesting history tied to various regions around the world. Tabott is a French name, most likely originating in the south of the country, likely from the area now known as Belgium. The French spelling has been found in some records as Tabaut, suggesting that the name evolved from the Germanic language. It is also thought to derive from the Latin word Taberna, referring to an inn or public house. This could mean that the family originally owned or ran a tavern.

The Tabotts were French aristocrats, with records of a Pierre Tabot's being listed among the members of the Paris Parliament in 1332. Later records note a Pons Tabbot from St. Omer in 1573. The name was passed on to England when Charles and Hester Tabott fled to England during the French Revolution, and the family also spread to America during the 19th century.

Tabott has a wide range of meanings, depending on how the name is spelled. In some cases, it can mean a “owner of a tavern” or “innkeeper,” while in others it could reference a “trader” or “stranger.” Regardless of the origin, the name Tabott has been passed down through the generations as a reminder of the family’s French roots.

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Tabott: Where does the name Tabott come from?

The last name Tabott is most commonly found in countries where Arabic is the primary language. This includes countries in the Middle East and North Africa, such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon, Algeria, and Morocco. A few prominent people with Tabott as a surname are Randa Tabott (a fashion designer from Lebanon), Aadi Tabott (founder of the Excellincy Research Institute in Morocco), Habib Tabott (theatre director and playwright from Algeria) and Ammar Tabott (a Saudi Arabian fashion designer).

Tabott is an Arabic name of unknown origin, and there is evidence of it being given to individuals before the rise of Islam in the 7th century. The specific meaning of the name varies by country and region, but its general interpretation is that of blessing or homage.

Outside of the Arab world, the name Tabott can be found in France, Portugal, and Turkey. It is also occasionally seen in English-speaking countries throughout the Americas and Europe. Here, it's a somewhat uncommon name but still bears the same association with blessing or homage.

Variations of the surname Tabott

The surname Tabott is a variant spelling of the surname Tabat, Tabbot, Tobat, Tabbat, Tobbatt, and Tabbut. Its origin is unclear, although some people believe it derived from the name of a French town or region called Tabat. Additionally, there are some different spellings and surnames of the same origin.

The root of the Tabott surname may also be traced back to a Jewish family by the name of Tevat, which was in existence in England in the 15th century. The modern-day spelling of the surname, Tabott, is likely a result of anglicization.

The surname Tabott can also be translated to mean 'houseless' or 'without house', and is likely related to the French word tabot, which describes 'being without a home'. Tabott is also a variant of the Italian surname 'Tabbia', which has its origins in the Jewish custom of circumcising male infants on the eighth day and writing their names in a liturgical document – known as the tabia.

The surname Tabott also has some other variations, such as Tabata, Tabbata, Tobati, Tabat, Tabbatt, Tabottie, Tabbotti, and Tabottino. These variants are mostly related to different European countries and regions, including France, England, and Italy.

In conclusion, the surname Tabott has a variety of different spellings, variants, and surnames of the same origin that are often related to different countries and regions. Its root is likely derived from the French town or region of Tabat, the Jewish surname Tevat, or the Italian surname Tabbia. Additionally, there are some variations that are likely anglicized forms of the name, such as Tabata, Tabbata, Tobati, Tabat, Tabbatt, Tabottie, Tabbotti, and Tabottino.

Famous people with the name Tabott

  • Oli Tabott: Oli Tabott is a British actor, known for his roles in the television series The Aliens, The Bay of Silence, and the film Don’t Look Away.
  • Sophie Tabott: Sophie Tabott is an American scientist and engineer who designs structures, materials, and systems for application in aerospace fields.
  • Bernard Tabott: Bernard Tabott is a Cameroonian fashion designer, whose fashion label is known for its focus on natural fabrics and its availability at a number of high-end department stores.
  • Elise Tabott: Elise Tabott is an American actress, dancer, and singer, most notable for her role in the Broadway production of Dear Evan Hansen.
  • Mason Tabott: Mason Tabott is an American musician, singer, and songwriter who is most well known for his contemporary country music.
  • Pierrejean Tabott: Pierrejean Tabott is a French celebrity chef, restaurateur, and cookbook author who is best known for his traditional French dishes.
  • Sylvia Tabott: Sylvia Tabott is an American entrepreneur who founded a successful e-commerce business selling apparel and accessories.
  • Lola Tabott: Lola Tabott is an English model and social media star with a large following on Instagram, where she shares fashion, lifestyle, and beauty content.
  • Giulia Tabott: Giulia Tabott is an Italian actress who is best known for her award-winning performance in the 2013 film Coppa del mondo come si diventa grandi.

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