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Surname Taaffe - Meaning and Origin

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Taaffe: What does the surname Taaffe mean?

The surname Taaffe is of Irish origin and is derived from the Gaelic name "O'Tathfhiodh," which translates as "descendant of Tathfhiodh." The name "Tathfhiodh" is composed of the Gaelic elements "tath," meaning "quiet" and "fiodh" meaning "wood." Therefore, Taaffe can be interpreted as "descendant of the quiet one of the wood." The Taaffe family was a noble and aristocratic line in Ireland, holding the Earldom of Carlingford from the 17th to the 20th centuries. Today, bearers of the Taaffe name can be found in many parts of Ireland, but are most common in the northeastern part of the country, particularly in County Louth where they have had a long-established presence.

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Taaffe: Where does the name Taaffe come from?

The Taaffe family name can be found throughout the world today, with clustered concentrations in certain areas. In Ireland, people with the Taaffe surname can be found in Ulster particularly in Counties Louth, Monaghan, Fermanagh and Cavan. It is also found in the western counties of Mayo, Roscommon and Sligo. There is also a high concentration of Taaffes in County Cork.

The US sees several concentrations of the Taaffe surname in Sullivan County, New York, and in Camden County and Atlantic County in New Jersey. The combined population of these three locations numbering over 70,000 people.

In Europe, Taaffe is scattered throughout countries such as Germany, Italy, France, Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic. In general, Taaffe's can be found in any area that was part of the former Holy Roman Empire.

Australia and Canada also have a notable presence of Taaffe's in their populations with several family lines in each country. Australia mostly in the Eastern states, and in Canada in the provinces of Alberta and British Columbia.

The Taaffe family name can also be found in areas throughout South America and Asia, however, their populations are smaller than that of Europe and North America.

Given the potential for accented characters, misspellings, and married surname combinations, it can be difficult to accurately pinpoint exactly where the name Taaffe is most common. To make sure you find all the members of the Taaffe family, it is best to include all possible spellings and nuances when doing research.

Variations of the surname Taaffe

The surname Taaffe has several variants, spellings and surnames with the same origin.

The most common variant is Taaffe, which is of Irish origin, was originally a Gaelic surname taken from a derivative of the Old Gaelic word ‘tathach’. It's derived from either of two Old Irish personal names; ‘Toirdhealbhach’ which is derived from the words ‘tóir’, meaning ‘route’ or ‘direction’ and ‘dealbh’, meaning ‘appearance’ and ‘Tadhg’ which is derived from the Old Irish ‘taidhe’, meaning ‘poet’ or ‘philosopher’.

The variant spelling of Taaffe is Taffe, which is just a phonetic variation of the original name Taaffe and is still associated with the same origin.

Additionally, the surnames Taffe, Toffe, Tuff and Tuffs are all believed to be derived from the same Gaelic root source as Taaffe. The surnames Tall, Tally and Tale also come from a similar origin, however, there is less certainty on how they relate to the surname Taaffe.

Furthermore, the anglicised form of Taaffe, which is often used in the United States, is Tavish; however, this form of the surname does not have a direct root on the family tree of Taaffe.

In conclusion, Taaffe is a surname of Irish Gaelic origin with several different spelling variants and related surnames, including Taffe, Toffe, Tuff, Tuffs, Tall, Tally, Tale and Tavish.

Famous people with the name Taaffe

  • CNN anchor and author Brooke Baldwin Taaffe
  • Irish rugby player Dave Taaffe
  • Director and producer Hal Taaffe
  • Actor and allegorist Herbie Taaffe
  • Entrepreneur and professor Larry Taaffe
  • Comedian, writer and producer Olga Taaffe
  • Professional hockey player Patrick Taaffe
  • Retired MLB player Rich Taaffe
  • Retired NHL player Tim Taaffe
  • Unified Muay Thai World Champion and professional MMA fighter Jordan Taaffe

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