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Surname Tab - Meaning and Origin

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Tab: What does the surname Tab mean?

The surname "Tab" does not have a specific, universally accepted origin or meaning as it is quite rare and could have multiple sources depending on the geographical or cultural context.

In some cases, it may be derived from an occupational name. There was a Middle English word "tabbe" used to refer to a horn, specifically one from a ram or goat. The surname might have originated to denote a person who made or sold these horns.

In other accounts, "Tab" is a variation of the popular surname "Tabb," which originated from a nickname given to Gilbert, a name of Germanic origin, in the medieval period. It often refers to a 'bright pledge.'

In modern Turkish, "tab" translates to press, mold, or pattern. Consequently, in Turkey, it might denote someone involved in a related trade.

Therefore, the meaning of the surname "Tab" would generally depend on specific family history and geographical roots. Regardless, tracing back one's family name often offers a fascinating glimpse into their ancestors' ages-old lives, occupations, characters, and stories.

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Tab: Where does the name Tab come from?

The Tab surname is widely dispersed around the world today, though it is especially common throughout the Middle East. As a variant of the Hebrew surname “Tov” meaning “good”, it is especially common among Jewish communities. In fact, researchers have identified that the surname originates from Jewish ancestors who left their home of Persia (now known as Iran) and settled in the Arabic-speaking countries of the Levant and Mesopotamia during the third and fourth waves of the Jewish Diaspora.

As a result, the Tab surname is especially common in countries such as Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, and Yemen, as well as much of North Africa and further into Spain and Portugal. In Bahrain and the Arabian Peninsula, the name is also common among Jews, as well as in the state of Israel.

Beyond the Levant and Middle East, various Jewish migrations over the years have spread the Tab surname throughout the world. Hence, it is also quite common in many countries of Europe, including Germany, France, Belgium, and Austria, as well as in North America.

Overall, the surname Tab is widely dispersed throughout the world, though it is especially common in the Middle East and in Jewish communities around the world.

Variations of the surname Tab

The surname Tab is believed to originate from the Middle East, specifically Syria, though there is evidence that it is also found in East Asia. Variations on the surname include Tabr, Tabbar, and Tabari; all of these variations appear to have the same origin.

In addition to these variants, the surname Tab is also commonly seen spelled with a 'b' instead of a 'v', as Tabb. As with Taab, Tabr, and other variations, this spelling appears to also originate in the Middle East, primarily in Syria.

In Arab countries, the surname is often seen with a 'kh' as Tadbkh, or with a 'y' as Taby. This is likely due to the common practice of transliterating Arabic names into different languages and writing systems.

Certain variant spellings, such as Taab and Tabar, are also beloved by many Jewish families who originated from the Middle East. Similarly, there are various spellings of the surname found in East Asia, including Tábl and Dap, which are both believed to be the same origin as the more common Tab.

Finally, there are several more surnames of the same origin as Tab which are used in various countries. These include Taub, Taubk, Tub, and Top, all of which can be traced back to the same root as Tab.

To summarize, the surname Tab has many different variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. These include Tabr, Tabbar, Tabari, Tabb, Tadbkh, Taby, Taab, Tabar, Taub, Taubk, Tub, Top, Tábl, and Dap. All of these variants, spellings, and surnames are believed to have the same origin, the Middle East.

Famous people with the name Tab

  • Tab Hunter: American actor, singer and author.
  • Tabu: Indian film actress and a former model.
  • Tab Benton: American R&B and soul singer-songwriter.
  • Tab Julien: American professional basketball player.
  • Tabatha Coffey: Australian hairstylist, salon owner and television personality.
  • Tabatha Takes Over: American reality television series.
  • Tab Ramos: Uruguayan-born American professional soccer player, coach and the current U.S. Under-20 Men's National Team coach.
  • Tab Savage: American professional wrestler.
  • Tabitha King: American author of horror, suspense, fantasy and science fiction.
  • Tab Benoit: American blues guitarist, musician and singer-songwriter.

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