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Surname Taggard - Meaning and Origin

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Taggard: What does the surname Taggard mean?

The surname Taggard is of Scottish origin. It is believed to derive from geographical names like "Taggard's Loch" or "Taggarts' Moor", suggesting that the earliest people with this name likely lived near these locations, or were known by that name to distinguish them from others in the same area. The roots of the name are likely from the Old English elements "tag", which means "to touch" or "to take", and "hard", which means "strong" or "bold". Thus, the name might literally translate to 'person who is bold or strong at taking something'. Over the centuries, variations in spelling have emerged, such as Taggart, Tagert, and Teggart. It's worth noting that interpretations may vary as there is no definitive source for the meanings of many old surnames, given ancient language translations can often produce multiple possibilities.

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Taggard: Where does the name Taggard come from?

The last name Taggard is not especially common today, but it is found in certain English-speaking countries. In the United States, the last name is most widely distributed in Maryland, followed by Illinois, Ohio, Virginia and Georgia. In England, Taggard is most common in Greater London, Surrey, Kent, North Yorkshire and Essex.

In addition, there are a few families of Taggard in Canada, where the name is most common in Ontario, followed by British Columbia, Alberta and Manitoba.

The origin of the name Taggard is Anglo-Saxon and is derived from the Old English words “tæc” and “geard”, which mean “house fence”. This suggests the name was originally associated with someone who lived near a house or a village gate.

The name can also be found in Australia, where it is relatively rare, and in New Zealand, where it is slightly more common.

Although the name Taggard is not especially common today, there are many descendants of the original Anglo-Saxon immigrants who settled in these countries centuries ago and carried the name forward.

Variations of the surname Taggard

The surname Taggard can have several variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. The most common variant of the Taggard spelling is Taggart. This version of the surname can be found in both England and Scotland. The surname is derived from the Gaelic language and is thought to mean ‘son of the priest’. It is believed that the Taggards originally belonged to a Priestly clan in the Scottish Highlands.

Other variants include Taggert, Teagard, Teagarde, Tegarde, Tygard, Tygard, Tygarde, Taggar, and Tagger. These variations are more often found in the USA, Canada, UK, and Ireland.

The surname Tagard may also be seen with a double ‘g’ in some cases, such as Taggard, Taggartd, Taggardd, Tagardd, Tagardt, Taggarth, Taggardth, and Taggardth.

The surname Tagard may also be associated with other surnames, such as Tegard, Tegar, Togard, Togar, and Twogood. These surnames can all have the same Gaelic origin as Taggard.

Surnames that are similar but not necessarily derived from the same Gaelic origin include Tagatz, Teggard, Tegar, Tigar, as well as Metagard and Metagart.

In summary, the surname Taggard can have several variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. These include Taggart, Taggert, Teagard, Tegarde, Tygard, Taggar, Tagger, Tagard, Togard, Togar, Twogood, Tagatz, Teggard, Tegar, Tigar, Metagard, and Metagart.

Famous people with the name Taggard

  • Jessica Taggart, American actress
  • Anne Taggart, Former U.S Representative from Georgia
  • Liz Taggart, American TV news anchor
  • Wendy Taggart, American singer
  • David Taggart, Australian AFL footballer
  • Kate Taggart, American novelist
  • Kathryn Taggart, American actress
  • Andrew Taggart, American record producer
  • John Taggart, American filmmaker
  • J.B Taggart, American playwright
  • Liz Taggard, American children's book author
  • Samuel Taggard, former professor of Bible at Oberlin College
  • Bruce Taggart, British Olympic rower
  • Blaise Taggard, American singer and songwriter
  • Carrie Taggart, American country music singer
  • Karen Taggart, American water polo athlete
  • Tim Taggart, American artist and animator
  • Brian Taggard, American jazz musician
  • Jack Taggart, Canadian folk musician
  • Nancy Taggart, former Horseracing commissioner of Colorado

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