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Surname Taggart - Meaning and Origin

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Unearthing My Gaelic Ancestry: A Journey Through Time and the Taggart Surname

Following an intuitive urge to explore my familial roots through the realm of iGENEA DNA testing, I’ve uncovered significant glimpses into the historical origins and cultural implications of my surname, Taggart. Navigating through this enlightening journey has taught me the rich Gaelic association, a priestly lineage, and migrations that have shaped my ancestry.

Q. Taggart

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Taggart: What does the surname Taggart mean?

The surname Taggart is of Irish origin, deriving from the Gaelic term “Mac an tSagairt,” which roughly translates to “son of the priest.” Despite the vow of celibacy in the priesthood, the surname suggests that there may have been priests in historical or medieval times who fathered children. It is also plausible that the name was given to children who were taken in or fostered by priests. Over time, the name has undergone various phonetic changes and adaptations, eventually evolving into the form 'Taggart'. It is a common name in Northern Ireland, particularly in counties Donegal and Derry. Notably, it was also the title of a popular Scottish detective television series that ran from 1983 to 2010. As a surname, like other surnames, it does not have any specific 'meaning' in the conventional sense, but is more of an identifier of kinship and familial lineage.

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Taggart: Where does the name Taggart come from?

The last name Taggart is most associated with areas of Scotland and Ireland today. It is especially common in Northern Ireland, where it is said to have first originated. It most commonly appears as ‘McTaggart’, which is the Irish spelling associated with the Scottish clan. In Northern Ireland, it is one of the more popular family names with over 6,000 people bearing the surname.

The migrating families with the name Taggart have since spread out to new regions throughout the UK, the USA, Canada, and even Australia. In the US specifically, there are over 10,000 people with this surname, with the highest occurrence of Taggarts being located in the states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois, New York, Virginia, and California. Canada also has well over 3,000 people with this surname.

The last name Taggart can also be found in Scotland and Ireland, specifically in regions such as Glasgow, Edinburgh, and the Western Isles. While its current use is far more widespread, like many family names, it has its roots in a certain area. Its origin story is surrounded by mystery as records have failed to truly pinpoint the exact beginnings of the Taggart clan.

Variations of the surname Taggart

The surname Taggart has a variety of variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin. These include Tagert, Taggerte, Taggerty, Teggart, Tegart, Tegert, Tegerts, Teigert, Taggart, Teggert, Tickert, Tigart and Teaport.

Tagert is a variation of Taggart with a large presence in Scotland. The Scottish spelling of Tagert is more commonly found in Northern England, Scotland and Ireland and is usually Scottish Gaelic in origin.

Taggerte is a variation of Tagert and is mainly found in the United States. The origin of this name is uncertain, but it is believed to have originated from an old Scottish name and be of Scottish descent.

Taggerty is a spelling variant of Tagert and is more commonly found in the U.S and Canada. Many believe that this name originated in the southern part of Scotland.

Teggart is an unclear spelling of Taggart with a larger presence in Scotland and Northern Ireland. It is believed to have originated from English origin and is featured in many census records.

Tegart, Tegert, Tegerts, Teigert, Taggart, Teggert, Tickert, and Tigart are all variations of the same surname found mainly in Scotland, Northern Ireland and the United States. These names have been around since the 17th century and are of Scottish descent.

Finally, Teaport is a spelling variant of Taggart and is more commonly found in the United States. It is believed to be derived from the Irish surname Tapp.

Famous people with the name Taggart

  • Alex Taggart, Canadian actor and comedy writer
  • Anna Taggart, British epidemiologist
  • Blake Taggart, American musician
  • David Taggart, Scottish boxer
  • Edward Taggart, British barrister and former Chancellor of the Exchequer
  • John Taggart, American poet and professor
  • Matthew Taggart, American record producer and singer-songwriter
  • Munika Taggart, American athlete
  • Nellie Taggart, American actress and producer
  • Paul Taggart, British actor, comedy writer, and director
  • Phillip Taggart, American radio announcer and disc jockey
  • Scott Taggart, American science fiction author
  • Stephen Taggart, Canadian actor and stand-up comedian
  • Stewart Taggart, American football player

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