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Surname Tailboy - Meaning and Origin

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Tailboy: What does the surname Tailboy mean?

The surname Tailboy is of Anglo-Saxon origin and is derived from the Old English "taegel" meaning "tail" and "boga" or "boga", which means "bow". This could imply that the name relates to an archer or bowman. The term "boy" in the name refers to being a younger or lesser, indicating a lower rank or position. However, the exact meaning and interpretation of old names can be tricky as they may have different cultural or local significances that are now lost to history. It appears the Tailboy name is not common today, suggesting the family line may have died out or the name may have evolved or changed over centuries. For a more precise interpretation, genealogical research might be needed focusing on specific geographical areas and historical periods.

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Tailboy: Where does the name Tailboy come from?

The surname Tailboy is of ancient Norman origin. It is derived from the Old French word "Taillbois", a compound of "tailler", which means to cut, and "bois", which means wood. The surname was likely an occupational name for a woodcutter or woodworker.

The name was first introduced to England during the Norman Invasion in 1066. One of the earliest recorded instances of the Tailbois name in England can be traced back to 1086, in the Domesday Book, where a certain "Ralph Taillebois" was listed as a major landholder in Lincolnshire.

Today, the surname Tailboy, like many other Norman surnames, has evolved and diversified in its spelling. Variations include Tailbois, Talboys, Tallboys, and Tailboys, among others. Given this diversity, exact current populations for the surname "Tailboy" specifically can be difficult to obtain. However, the surname, with all its variations, is predominantly found in English-speaking countries including the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Please note, this data may be influenced by historical migration patterns and modern liberalization of name-change laws, allowing individuals to legally adopt names outside of their cultural, linguistic, or geographical heritage.

Variations of the surname Tailboy

Tailboy is a unique surname with a very specific origin, which limits its variant forms and similar surnames. It is derived from the pre 7th-century Old French "Taillebois," which was a name brought to England during the Norman Conquest of 1066. However, variations such as Taylebois, Talboys, Tailby, and Tailbie can reportedly be found in historical documentation.

The surname has further diversified as it spread to different regions and adopted spellings that conform to local language patterns. Thus, various spellings could include Taylboys, Taillyboy, Tailebois, Taelboy, and Taileboy.

However, Tailboy cannot be directly connected with many other surnames, as its unique origin sets it apart. In order to find potentially related surnames, one would need to look at names derived from similar occupational titles or locations. Considering the meaning of 'Taillebois' is "cutter of wood" or "woodsman," surnames like Woodcutter, Woodsman, Taillebois, or surnames beginning with "Tail-" could potentially be related in terms of occupational origin.

Hence due to its unusual origin and uniqueness, the surname Tailboy does not have an extensive list of associated surnames or variants.

Famous people with the name Tailboy

  • William Tailboys (1297–1370), was an English courtier and soldier.
  • Anna Maria Tailboys (1644–1693), was a British herbalist and astrologer.
  • William Tailboys, 3rd Baron Kyme (1734–1819), was an English Whig politician.
  • John Tailyard Tailboys (1733–1802), was an English landowner and politician.
  • Joseph Tailby (1736–1805) was an English entrepreneur and educator.
  • Thomas Tailboys (1743–1785), was an English politician.
  • Thomas Tailboys, 1st Baron Lilford (1747–1830), was an English aristocrat and prominent member of the Whig Party.
  • Sir Charles Tailboys, 8th Baronet (1791–1847), was a British politician.
  • Edward Tailboys (1798–1851), was an English mathematician and theologian.
  • Catherine Tailboys (1802–1882), was an English Anglican nun and writer.
  • John Walsingham Terrick Tailboys, 19th Baron of Kyme (1815–1872), was a British military officer and diplomat.
  • Ellen Tailboys (1827–1874), was an English philanthropist and anti-slavery campaigner.
  • Frederick Charles Tailboys (1832–1894), was a British landowner and prominent member of the Conservative Party.
  • Sophie Mary Tailboys (1834–1909), was an English philanthropist and suffragist.
  • William Tailboys (1839–1886), was an English naval officer and recipient of the Victoria Cross.
  • Lucy Caroline Tailboys (1876–1968), was a British suffragette.
  • Alfred Clifford Tailboys (1894–1979), was an English cricketer and colonial administrator.

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