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Surname Tailby - Meaning and Origin

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Tailby: What does the surname Tailby mean?

The surname Tailby is of English origin and is considered a locational surname, which means it is derived from a place where individuals initially lived, held land, or were born. The exact geographical location or historical significance associated directly with the name Tailby is unclear and appears to be relatively rare. Like many surnames, throughout centuries it may have undergone changes in spelling. Surnames often provide insights into one's ancestors, their occupations, or geographical origins. However, without specific records, the precise meaning of Tailby may not be accurately deciphered. Notwithstanding these limitations, it is an important part of heritage and identity. Traceability of such a last name could be made easier due to its low frequency of use. As such, those bearing the name could potentially find it easier to map their lineage or prepare a family tree. However, like any other surname, Tailby will have different meanings, origins and stories for different families who bear it.

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Tailby: Where does the name Tailby come from?

The surname Tailby is of English origin, derived from the old English pre 7th Century place name "Tathalebi". The first element "Tata" is a personal name, and the second element "lebi" translates to a farm or a settlement. Therefore, Tailby roughly means "Tata's farm". The surname signifies geographical location and is linked to families who lived near a farm that probably belonged to or was managed by someone named Tata.

Historically, the earliest record of the Tailby surname was found in Leicestershire during the reign of King Richard II in the late 14th Century. The name takes varied forms, including Tatley, Tetley, and Tatlow.

Today, the Tailby surname is not common and is predominantly found in England. Though it might be scattered in other parts of the world due to migration, it is most concentrated in Leicestershire and Northamptonshire. As with many rare surnames, unique historical circumstances and migration patterns can affect where the Tailby descendants have settled. With the rise of genealogical and ancestral research, people with the Tailby surname can trace their lineage and provide more insightful information about their family history.

Variations of the surname Tailby

The surname Tailby is of English origin and is considered to be chiefly associated with the county of Leicestershire in England. The name appears to have derived from an Old Scandinavian personal name "Toli" combined with the Old Norse word "byr", meaning farm or settlement. The earliest documented instance of this surname dates back to records from the 1200s.

Like many surnames, there are variations in spelling due to various reasons such as regional accents, phonetic spelling and evolution over time. Some of the variations of Tailby include Taleby, Tailyby, Tailbey, Taileby, and Taylby.

Despite these spelling variations, the surname appears to be relatively unique, with limited contributions to its phonetic or spelling variants from other surnames. There are no significant linked surnames of the same origin as Tailby documented.

However, it is important to note that genealogical research may uncover further variations or relate surnames based on geographical, migratory, or lineage-specific factors that could broaden the understanding of the Tailby surname and its derivations.

Famous people with the name Tailby

  • Brad Tailby: Australian diver who represented Australia at two Olympic Games and many Commonwealth Games.
  • Kenneth Tailby: British golfer and Slater Trophy winner.
  • Harry Tailby: English hurdler and middle-distance runner who competed in several Olympic Games.
  • Tom Tailby: British engineer and racing driver who competed in several Grand Prix and other racing events.
  • Greg Tailby: Canadian ice hockey player.
  • Montgomery Tailby: British actor who has appeared in a variety of films and television programs.
  • Andrew Tailby-Wright: British rock musician and solo artist.
  • John Tailby: British politician who served as a Member of Parliament for West Norfolk.
  • Joshua Tailby: Australian cricketer who has represented both state and international teams.
  • Robin Tailby: British football player who is currently playing for Gateshead in the National League.

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