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Surname Tap - Meaning and Origin

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Tap: What does the surname Tap mean?

The surname Tap is of Anglo-Saxon origin. Derived from the Old English word “tappe”, it is an occupational name for someone who was a brewer of ale. It was typically used as the name of a tavern keeper, or a landlord of an inn.

The word “tappe” itself is derived from the Old English word “tappa”, which means to tap a cask of beer. This was a very important job in medieval times, as beer was the most commonly consumed drink by the masses. It was essential to make sure that every cask of beer in the brewery was properly tapped and emptied, and that the beer was not watered down.

In early documents, the surname appears in various forms, such as Tappe, Taip, and Tap. In some instances, the surname may also be derived from the Old English word "teppa", which means a top, or from the Old Norse word “tap”, which was originally used to describe a small piece of land that was leased to a tenant farmer.

Today, the surname Tap is still used in many English-speaking countries, such as the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, as well as other countries around the world.

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Tap: Where does the name Tap come from?

The last name Tap is primarily found in France, where it is most likely a form of the French surname Tapin. Records show that the surname appears throughout the French regions of Picardy and Languedoc-Roussillon. It could also have a German origin, derived from the personal name Taffel or Tapel.

In more recent times, the Tap surname has become scattered around the world, particularly to North America. By the mid-19th century, the Tap family had immigrated to the United States, primarily settling in New York. By the late 20th century, they had spread to other regions of the US, including Texas and California.

The last name has also spread to other parts of the world. In Central and South America, there are a number of Tap families with Spanish and Portuguese ancestry. In Australia and New Zealand, the Tap surname is linked to early settlers from England and Ireland.

Although the Tap surname was relatively common in the 18th and 19th centuries, today it is not especially widespread. Its spread outside of France has been sporadic, and in some cases due to migration or intermarriage. However, the name still exists in pockets around the world, a testament to its origins and long-standing presence in multiple regions and cultures.

Variations of the surname Tap

The surname Tap is generally spelled with one 'p' at the end, although there is also a variant spelling Tap with two ‘ps’ at the end. It is an English surname which is derived from the Middle English word “tappe,” meaning a tap, spigot, or faucet.

Variations of the surname Tap include Taap, Tap, Taap, Tape, Taips, Tapp, Tappe, Tapps, Tapes, Taps, and Tappin. There are also some regional and ethnic variations, such as Tapa in Germany, Tapis in Italy, Tapi in Spain, Tapias in Portugal, and Tapping in Northern Ireland.

The surname also has some common alternative spellings including Tapp, Tapps, Taap, Taaps, Tape, Tapes, Taipes, Tappin, and Taipin. These spellings are sometimes used interchangeably, especially on official documents.

In some cases, the surname Tap might also refer to a person of the same name with either a nickname or a variation of the surname itself. For instance, the French surname “Taptin” is a diminutive of the original solumn, which could have been used to refer to a small person or a younger person of the Tap family.

Finally, Tap can also be a variation of other surnames such as Tapsfield, Tapson, Taup, Tapping, Tappes, Tappen, Tapster, Taps, and Tapwell. These surnames are all derived from the same root words, either referring to the same tools, or being names from different regions in Europe. All of these variants are related to the Tap surname and are connected through a shared history and heritage.

Famous people with the name Tap

  • Tap Djempé, the CEO of a small airline company in Senegal.
  • Tap Boi, a Canadian R&B singer.
  • Tap Tha Don, an American rapper and producer.
  • Tap Yearwood, a Nigerian/British actress and singer.
  • Tap Jerome, a French rapper.
  • Tap Pius I, an Ethiopian rapper and singer.
  • Tap Okwueze, a Nigerian poet, singer, and teacher.
  • Tap Taller, an Indonesian writer and musician.
  • Tap Dat, a Dutch rapper and composer.
  • Tap Pateh, a Bangladeshi folk singer.
  • Tap Gala, an Italian singer-songwriter.
  • Tap Silva, an American jazz guitarist.
  • Tapana Alimas, a Filipino musician and composer.
  • Tap Lageman, a Dutch singer and actress.
  • Tapu Javeri, a Pakistani fashion photographer.
  • Tap Gupta, a British Indian film director.
  • Tap Kefentse, a Ghanaian-Canadian musician.
  • Tap Leutner, an Austrian actor, comedian, and director.
  • Tap Morton, an American musician and bandleader.
  • Tap Sahota, an English singer/songwriter.

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