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Surname Tapscott - Meaning and Origin

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Tapscott: What does the surname Tapscott mean?

The last name Tapscott likely derives from the Old English word “tæpe,” which means “beard” or “bushy overgrowth.” It is likely that those who bore this name were associated with either a dense, bushy area of land (such as a woods), a beard—a marker of masculinity—or could have even had a particularly bushy growth of facial hair.

Alternatively, the surname may also have derived from an English place name deriving from Old English, such as Tæppe-scōt, which translates as brushwood enclosure. This would suggest those with the name Tapscott likely had ancestors who were landed gentry, living on a manor of their own.

Whatever the case, the last name is much less common today, indicating that over time many of those tangled roots of origin may have been forgotten. However, it would suggest that anyone with the surname Tapscott can look into their ancestry to learn more about their original background.

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Tapscott: Where does the name Tapscott come from?

The last name Tapscott is most commonly found in the United Kingdom and its former colonies. In the United Kingdom, the surname is most significantly present throughout southern England, particularly the east coast areas. It is also fairly widespread in the Scottish capital, Edinburgh.

In the United States, the Tapscott name is most commonly found in the Southern states, such as Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee. The British Isles had a significant influence in the settlement of these states during colonial times, so it’s likely that many of the Tapscotts in the US have British roots.

Tapscott can also be found in New Zealand, Australia, and Canada, as many settlers of British heritage journeyed to these countries in search of a better life. There are also reports of smaller numbers of Tapscotts in countries like Germany, Norway, and South Africa.

Altogether, the Tapscott surname may not be especially common, however, it can still be found scattered throughout the UK, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and several other countries.

Variations of the surname Tapscott

The surname Tapscott has variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. Tapscott is an English surname that originated from the Old English “tapescoct” which meant “tapescot”—someone who had a tapestry workshop. The Tapscott surname appeared in 13th century records in England.

Variants or alternate spellings of the Tapscott surname are Tapscoet, Tapescot, Tapscoit, Tappscott, Tapscot, Tapskot, Tapscut and Tapscutt.

The Scottish variants of the Tapscott surname are Topscott and Tapskith.

Surnames with the same origin as Tapscott are Topscot, Tapskett, Tapscote, Tapscuthe, Tapsescoate, Tapscoit, Chepescot, Tapscutt, Tapskowt and Tapskett.

In America, the Tapscott surname was first recorded in the 1600s by settlers Thomas Tapscott in Virginia and Francis Tapscott in Maryland. Over the years, many variants emerged throughout the states.

Some of the Tapscott surname variants found in America are Taftscutt, Tapscoate, Taffscott, Taffscote, Tapscoatt, Tappscott, Tapsckatt, Tapsket, Tafscot and Tappendscott.

Today, the Tapscott surname is fairly widespread throughout England, Scotland, Ireland and America.

Famous people with the name Tapscott

  • Don Tapscott: Canadian business executive, consultant, author, and speaker. He is the Executive Chairman of the Blockchain Research Institute and Adjunct Professor at the University of Toronto's Rotman School of Management, also co-author of the book Blockchain Revolution: How the Technology Behind Bitcoin Is Changing Money, Business, and the World.
  • David Tapscott: Canadian author and businessman, co-author of the book Blockchain Revolution.
  • Daniel Tapscott: British artist known for his striking portraiture and urban painting.
  • Hannah Tapscott: British artist and sculptor, her works have been displayed in London, Berlin, and Toronto.
  • Katie Tapscott: American actress best known for her roles in the movies The Path of Pain and Chicago Fire.
  • Paxton Tapscott: British actor mostly known for his roles in the TV shows Wolfblood and Doctors.
  • Ross Tapscott: Australian actor, writer, and director for movies Rich Man's Son and Sumnerinbox.
  • Robert Tapscott: American painter who's known for his landscapes, figurative works, and florals.
  • Rebecca Tapscott: Canadian composer and music producer, her works have been heard in various film and television projects.

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