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Uncovering History and Connections: My Experience with the iGENEA DNA Test and Tillery Surname

Family name Tillery

Embark on a journey with iGENEA DNA test that deep-dives into your lineage, uncovers historical secrets, and facilitates connections with distant relatives sharing your surname. My experience with this test was truly remarkable, revealing a network of connections and a rich history linked to the Tillery surname.

Navigating my heritage through the iGENEA DNA test has been an enlightening and quite remarkable journey. The elaborate and state-of-the-art ancestry examination offered by iGENEA left me impressed and brimming with newfound knowledge about my lineage.

Upon receiving my testing kit, the instructions provided were simple and clear with an easily manageable protocol. Your daily morning routine won't be interrupted much. I was pleasantly surprised by the quick turnaround time too. Within a few weeks, I had my detailed report.

The analysis of the Tillery surname in the report amazed me. It dawned upon me that Surnames are not merely identifiers but carry historical and geographical secrets within them. The report revealed that my surname – ‘Tillery’ – originated from England and has a history dating back to early medieval times. It's humbling to think about how a string of letters could hold so much history.

Something I really appreciated was the ability to connect with other Tillery’s in the DNA database. I was able to map out and contact distant relatives across the globe that I had no prior knowledge existed. Being able to reach out to individuals who share your genetic makeup and surname is truly remarkable. It was like uncovering a covert network of connections and it raised my admiration for the ways technology has advanced our ability to comprehend our past.

In terms of customer service, iGENEA was excellent. Queries and issues were swiftly and professionally taken care of. This added to my overall satisfaction with the product and the company.

The overall experience has been rewarding, positive and incredibly insightful. It has not just quenched my curiosity but has accorded me a profound appreciation of my family's contribution to history. Unearthing connections and appreciating history in a way I hadn't previously thought of is empowering and gives a sense of belonging. I would definitely recommend iGENEA DNA test to anyone interested in embarking on an adventure into their ancestry.

D. Tillery

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