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Surname Tillery - Meaning and Origin

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D. Tillery

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Tillery: What does the surname Tillery mean?

The surname Tillery is of English origin and is believed to be a living-place name, derived from locations in England. There are places named Tilsley or Tilley in England, and the surname may have originally denoted someone from those areas. Another predominant theory is that Tillery is an occupational surname, signifying a person who worked at a "tilery" - a place where tiles were made. Over the centuries, the variations in spelling of the same original surname are numerous; Tillery is one such variation. Like the varying spellings of the name, the interpretations of its etymological meaning can also vary. However, the most accepted interpretations are the geographical and occupational origins. As surnames became necessary for official records and taxation purposes, people often took their occupation or place of residence as their surname, which is likely the case with Tillery. Therefore, it embodies a connection to a location or type of work in historic England.

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Tillery: Where does the name Tillery come from?

The last name Tillery is most common in the southern United States. It is seen in states like South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Arkansas.

In South Carolina, the last name is most common in the regions of Marlboro, Darlington, and Greenville Counties. This region has historically seen a large population of African-American Tillerys whose ancestors were slaves on plantations across the South.

In Alabama, the name is most concentrated in the regions of Decatur, Huntsville, and Gadsden Counties near the Tennessee border. Here, Tillery is much more common in the white population, likely due to the name’s French origins.

In Tennessee, where the last name is thought to have originated, Tillery is most heavily found in the regions of Buchanan, Stewart, and Henry Counties near the Kentucky border. Here, it is found in both white and African-American populations, reflecting the area’s long history of mixing between both ethnic groups.

In Louisiana, the last name is most commonly seen in the northeastern regions of the state, in particular near the town of Shreveport.

Overall, Tillery is a popular last name in the South where it is rooted in the region’s history and culture.

Variations of the surname Tillery

The surname Tillery has a few variants, spellings and other surnames that are derived from the same origin.

The most common variants of the surname Tillery include Tillerey, Tillery, Tillerey and Tillerye. Spellings of the surname that are derived from other languages include Tyllery, Tyllerye, Tylliary, Tillereye, Tilleary, Tillereye and Tyllary.

Surnames of the same origin can also be derived from other languages such as Tilari, Tilery, Tillary, Tillere, Tyllery and T Lethry.

A more uncommon variant of the surname is Tillary, which is usually found in families, whose roots trace back to the Christian countries of Europe. This variant is also found in certain communities in America.

The surname Tillari is found in the Italian regions of Calabria and Sicily. This surname dates back to the Middle Ages and is also found in the United States, mainly in Halberoslav, New York.

The British variations of the surname include Tilleri, Tylliri, Tyllirry and Tyllirrye, which is generally found in West Yorkshire.

Lastly, the name Tilerigh may be found in Galicia, which is located in Spain. It is believed to have been derived from the personal name “Tilerio”.

Famous people with the name Tillery

  • Chrystal Tillery: an American fitness professional and Motivational Speaker
  • Craig Tillery: American Businessman
  • Ken Tillery: American football player
  • Darrel Tillery: Canadian Football player
  • Harrison Tillery: American Football player
  • Michelle Tillery: American Soul singer
  • George Tillery: American television and film actor
  • Larry Tillery: American Basketball player
  • Lou Tillery: American Politician 10.255 Tillery: Canadian R&B singer

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