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Surname Tiller - Meaning and Origin

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O. Tiller

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Tiller: What does the surname Tiller mean?

The origin of the last name Tiller is unclear, and there are multiple potential interpretations of the meaning. However, one of the most accepted meanings for the last name Tiller is one who tends to or works with soil. This is due to the fact that the word ‘tiller’ is derived from the Old English tirlian, which translates to ‘to turn or stir up the soil’. This meaning makes perfect sense, as this was a crucial practice for tackling weeds, and even plowing the ground for planting crops in medieval times.

People with the last name Tiller would likely have been expertly skilled in agriculture in the past, and may have been farmers or agriculturists. It is likely that they operated in small communities, and were highly respected for their knowledge of soil and farming techniques.

Additionally, the last name Tiller might also have a connections with occupational surnames. It is possible that a person who was paid to work with soil would have taken this name in more urban settings, similar to a variety of other occupational names.

Therefore, because of the multiple potential meanings for the last name Tiller, it is hard to know exactly what it signifies. However, it can be determined that this surname likely has roots in the craft of forming and tending to the soil. Thus, it is common for the people who possess this surname to have a strong connection to the land and the agriculture industry.

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Tiller: Where does the name Tiller come from?

The surname Tiller is most common in the United States, particularly in the South and Midwest region. The surname was first recorded in Germany and migrated to England in the 1500s. It has since spread throughout Europe and beyond.

In the US, the highest concentration of Tiller families is in Kentucky, where it ranks as the 67th most common last name. In the surrounding states, it ranks fairly high, too: 57th in Tennessee, 90th in Indiana, 59th in South Carolina, and 61st in Georgia.

In some of these areas, the Tiller surname has been passed down for generations within certain families. It is believed that some of these descendants may have migrated to neighboring states or regions in search of work, which has helped to spread the surname even further.

The highest concentration of Tiller families outside of the United States is in the United Kingdom, where it ranks as the 439th most common surname. Other countries that have some Tiller families include Switzerland, Germany, and Canada.

Though the surname Tiller is rare elsewhere, it is still fairly common in many parts of the United States. With this surname, whether you're in Kentucky or farther afield, you can find a piece of history and a shared experience of a single name that has bridged the generations.

Variations of the surname Tiller

The surname Tiller is of English and German origin. Its variants, spellings, and other surnames of the same origin include:

* Tyller

* Tiell

* Tyle

* Tyler

* Tile

* Till

* Tille

* Tuel

* Tillar

* Thiel

* Thill

* Thieler

* Tilzer

* Tilley

* Tillman

* Tillotson

The surname Tiller of English origin is derived from the Old English word tyllian meaning “to till” or “to plow”. Those who bore this surname were probably farmers who plowed the land, hence the connection between this surname and the word “till”. The surname Tiller of German origin is derived from the Middle High German word tüllen which means “to beat” or “to thump”. This suggests that the original bearer of the surname could have been someone who made a living as a locksmith or blacksmith, given the physical nature of these occupations.

The variants and spellings of the surname Tiller are distinct from other surnames of the same origin, such as Tyler, Tillar, and Tillotson. Tyler is derived from the Old English word tigle meaning “a tile maker or tiler”. Tillar is derived from the Old French word filaire meaning “a basket maker”. Tillotson is derived from the Old English words ā and æxed meaning “an axe maker”.

In summary, the surname Tiller has its origins in England and Germany, and can have various variants, spellings, and other surnames of the same origin. These variants and spellings are distinct from one another and have different derivations.

Famous people with the name Tiller

  • Bryson Tiller: American singer, songwriter, and rapper
  • Tiller Rokwell: British producer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and film composer
  • Troy Tiller: American technology entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist
  • Raymond Tiller: American football coach and former player
  • Billy Tiller: British singer-songwriter and former boxer
  • Shep Tiller: American art director and production designer
  • Bill Tiller: American video game designer
  • Jude Tiller: American retired professional ice hockey defenceman
  • David Tiller: English former professional footballer
  • Tom Tiller: American college football coach
  • Adrian Tiller: American former Major League Baseball relief pitcher
  • Rafe Tiller: American mixed martial artist
  • Charles Tiller: American former Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Tommy Tiller: American former National Basketball Association player
  • Joan Tiller: British former actor, best known for her roles in ITV's Coronation Street and BBC's Compact
  • Freya Tiller: British YouTuber, singer-songwriter, vlogger, and activist
  • Fran Tiller: British former sprinter
  • Russel Tiller: British transmitter engineer
  • Yvonne Tiller: British former cricketer
  • Clan Tiller: American hip-hop music producer

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