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Surname Tinlin - Meaning and Origin

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Tinlin: What does the surname Tinlin mean?

The surname Tinlin is of Scottish origin, derived from the Gaelic name "Mac Gille Fhaolain." This originally means "son of the servant of St Fillan." St. Fillan was a popular figure in the Scottish Catholic Church during the 8th century. Over time, the name transformed into its modern version due to regional pronunciation and spelling variations. The Tinlins are primarily associated with the Border region between Scotland and England. Like many Border families, they have a history marked by turmoil and conflict due to incessant wars between Scotland and England. Therefore, the name is often associated with robustness and endurance. Today, individuals bearing the last name Tinlin can be found in various parts of the world, although it's still more prevalent in Great Britain.

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Tinlin: Where does the name Tinlin come from?

The last name Tinlin is most commonly found in the United States and Ireland. In the United States, the Tinlin name is mainly found in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and New York. This is likely due to significant Irish immigration in the 19th century from counties such as Sligo, Galway, and Clare.

In Ireland, the most common counties to find the Tinlin name are Galway and Clare, particularly in the Ennis and Holymount areas. It is believed that the name's first recorded appearance was in these areas in the late 18th century.

It is likely that the name ultimately originates from Scotland, as the original spelling would be "MacTynliyn". This is a Scottish variant of the Gaelic term "MacTionlann" which translates as an unspecified son of MacTionlann. It is possible that the name came to Ireland by way of Ulster Scots, who migrated from Scotland to Northern Ireland in the 1600s.

The current regional distribution of the name, combined with its Scottish lineage, suggests that the name began as a Scottish surname that was adopted by Irish immigrants and carried to their new homes in the United States.

Variations of the surname Tinlin

The surname Tinlin has various other spellings, variants and surnames of the same origin. Some of the most common variants include Tinling, Tinlan, Tinland, Tynlan,Tynland, Tinlen, Tynlen and Tyndall. The spelling variations may be due to a number of different influences, such as the original locative name, i.e. where the family originally came from, or even the recorder's own personal preference.

Tinlin could also be a variant of the Irish surname Tynan. This surname originates from a Gaelic Sept of Tyrone, an ancient province of Ireland. Here it is thought to derive from the Gaelic word “tighearnaain” which translates to “lord of the small house”. This could refer to either a smaller house or farm, or to a local Chieftain who may have had a small landholding in the area.

The surname Tinlin may also be related to the surname Tyndall, which is likely to have originated from the name of the village of Tyndal in Somerset, England. The name is thought to derive from the words ‘til’ meaning ‘building’ and ‘dael’ meaning ‘meadow’. This suggests that the family originated from a homestead on a meadow, which is why it is known as a locative name.

Finally, Tinlin could also be related to the surname Tindall, a locative name derived from Tindale, Northumberland, England. The name is thought to have originated from the Old English words “Tin” which means enclosure, and “dale” which means valley, referring to someone living in an enclosed valley.

In conclusion, Tinlin is a surname of varied origins and spellings. It can be a variant of Tynan, Tyndall, Tindall, Tinling, Tinlan,Tinland, Tynlan, Tynland, Tinlen and Tynlen.

Famous people with the name Tinlin

  • Robert Tinlin, British actor and musician
  • Blythe Tinlin, Australian actress
  • Oskar Tinlin, American filmmaker
  • William Tinlin, Scottish footballer
  • Alan Tinlin, Scottish business leader
  • Neil Tinlin, English reality TV star
  • Antonia Tinlin, Canadian artist
  • Kenneth Tinlin, Canadian diplomat
  • Tricia Tinlin, American crime novelist
  • John Tinlin, Irish politician

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