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Surname Tinlinge - Meaning and Origin

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Tinlinge: What does the surname Tinlinge mean?

The last name Tinlinge is of Dutch origin and has no direct meaning. It is believed to be a topographical or occupational name, referring to someone who lived near a hill where tin was found. Tin was historically important to the Dutch economy since the late Middle Ages, and it became an essential material in the development of the Dutch Golden Age. Tinlinge may have referred to a location or someone who worked in the tin industry.

The name can be found in church records dating back to the 1600s in areas of the Netherlands such as Zeeland, Utrecht, and Amsterdam, where mostly agricultural families lived. The name has also spread to other countries, such as England, Germany, and the United States, though the spelling may vary slightly.

Today, the last name Tinlinge is still around, primarily among Dutch descendants, although it is still used in other countries, as well. It remains an uncommon name and offers a unique look at the history of the Netherlands.

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Tinlinge: Where does the name Tinlinge come from?

The last name Tinlinge is most common today in Belgium and the Netherlands, two countries with a rich history of shared culture in the region. Tinlinge has been found in documents dating back to the 12th century, though its exact etymology is still unknown. Family historians speculate the name is derived from the Old Dutch words tigl or tiglingo, which are related to a word meaning “an instruction” or “something concealed.”

In Belgium, the last name Tinlinge is most common in the Flemish region, which largely makes up the northern part of the country. Population studies have revealed that some Tinlinge families remain in the same area of Flanders that they’ve lived in for centuries. Today, the family name is also found in the Netherlands, primarily in the Groningen and Drenthe provinces.

As of the early 21st century, census records in Belgium and the Netherlands report over 400 individuals carrying the Tinlinge surname. Beyond Western Europe, the last name can also be found in countries that once fell under Belgium and Dutch colonial rule, including Indonesia, Suriname, and India. Tinlinge may also have spread to the United Kingdom and the United States, where it is thought to be more uncommon.

Variations of the surname Tinlinge

The surname Tinlinge has a variety of variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. Tinlinge is an Old English surname, derived from the words “tine”, meaning 'a spark', and “ling”, meaning 'heathland'. Variants of the name Tinlinge include Tinlin, Tinlyng, Tinlynges, Tinling, and Tinlings.

The modern spelling of the name Tinlinge can also be found spelt Tinlin, Tinlings, Tinlyng, Tinlyngs, and Tinlinnge. Variants of the surname include the Dutch surnames Tinelink and Tieneleink, the Swedish surname Tenling, and the Scottish and Irish surname Tinlin.

The surname Tinlinge is also common in some countries, as it is a derivative of the name Tinling, which is found in East Anglia, England. This variant of the name is also found in the Netherlands, Australia, and the United States, where many immigrants have taken Tinlinge as their surname.

In German the Tinlinge surname is also spelled Tenlinger, Tenlingen, Tenlingler, Tienelingen, and Tienlingen. Other variants of the surname found in Germany include Gutenlingen, Gutenlinger, and Tienelinger.

In America, Tinlinge is also known by Tin Lynn, Tin Lynnge, and Tinlyn. Other recorded spellings of the surname are Tineling, Tinlenge, and Tinlingue.

In Ireland, Tinlinge can be found spelt Tinlinge, Tinlynge, Tinlyng, and Tinlyne.

In Scotland, Tinlinge is also commonly spelt Tinlin, Tinlinnge, Tinlinge, Tinling, Tinlyn, and Tinlyng.

No matter how the surname is spelt, it is always derived from the Old English word “tine”, meaning 'a spark', and “ling”, meaning 'heathland'.

Famous people with the name Tinlinge

  • Angus Tinlinge: a designer, product developer, and owner of Angus Tinlinge Designs.
  • Helga Tinlinge: a contemporary Norwegian folk singer and fiddler.
  • Alden Tinlinge, Jr.: an American actor and filmmaker.
  • Harrison Tinlinge: a British indie rock musician.
  • Vince Tinlinge: a jazz saxophonist and flutist.
  • Marcel Tinlinge: a Dutch filmmaker and visual artist.
  • Alexandra Tinlinge: an Australian fashion photographer, influencer, and model.
  • Russell Tinlinge: a British electronic music producer and DJ.
  • Remington Tinlinge: a retired NHL goaltender.
  • Marcus Tinlinge: an American amusement park designer.

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