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Surname Tomandel - Meaning and Origin

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Tomandel: What does the surname Tomandel mean?

The last name Tomandel has its origin in Italy, and is most likely derived from the personal name "Tomandel" which was an old Italian term used to refer to a carpenter. This is a very common name among Italian families, and it has spread around the globe.

The first use of the surname dates back to the mid 15th century, and the original bearer of the name was most likely well-known within their local community as a carpenter. Over the centuries, the name has evolved and changed alongside generations of the family and even geographical movement. Today it is one of the most common Italian surnames around.

The name Tomandel is associated with several meanings, such as "worker of wood" or "carpenter", or a person who is "skillful with their hands". It is thought to have been derived from the Latin word "tomal", meaning "to fashion", hence its connection to a carpenter.

The origin of the name has seen it take many different forms in different countries: Tomandel in Italy, Tomandi in France, Tommalin in Austria, Tomandl in Germany, Tomandlo in Hungary, Tomandlov in Slovakia, Tomandlova in the Czech Republic and Tomandlowsky in Poland.

The Tomandel surname has survived for centuries and has been passed down through generations, representing the undeniable strength of Italian heritage and tradition.

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Tomandel: Where does the name Tomandel come from?

The last name Tomandel is most commonly found today in southern Europe, particularly in Italy and France. In Italy the name is believed to originate in Oliva Tomandel, a baker from Verona who lived in the 17th century. The name Tomandel has also been found in other Southern European countries such as Croatia, Serbia, and Romania, as well as in North African countries such as Tunisia and Algeria.

In France, the name is most commonly associated with two famous families who established themselves in Paris and the surrounding towns. The two Tomandel families were not related, but both were incredibly successful. The first family made their fortune in the wine business in the mid-19th century, while the second family owned a successful product marketing firm in Paris in the early 20th century.

The name Tomandel is not as frequent in other parts of the world. It has been scattered throughout the United Kingdom, for example, with some families bearing the name in Wales, Ireland, and Scotland. It is also sometimes found in the United States and Canada, but with much less frequency than in Europe.

Overall, the Tomandel name is generally considered an Italian and a French name with its highest concentrations in southern Europe. While other countries may have Tomandels living there, the name is most often associated with Italy and France even today.

Variations of the surname Tomandel

Tomandel is an uncommon surname of French origin derived from the personal name Thommond. It has various variants, spellings and surnames which share the same origin, including Thomandell, Tomandell, Thomandol, Thomendol, Thomandil, Tomasdal, Tomandall, Thomandele, Thonmandell, Thonmel, Thomendal, Thommendol, and Tommendell. It is believed that this name derives from the Old French personal name Thommand, formed from the Germanic elements 'thum', meaning 'people' or 'race' and 'mund', meaning 'protection'.

Variants of this surname found in France include Tomendu, Thonmondu and Thomandei, while in Germany variants include Tomendall, Tomendol and Thomandell. It is also found in the French-speaking countries of Canada and Switzerland. Tomandel is also found in many variations in the United States, including Thomendall, Tommyndam, Thommondelle, Tomandol and Tomendol.

It is believed that there may be several distinct lines of the Tomandel family. One branch of the family is believed to have originated from Newfoundland in the early twentieth century. Other branches could have come from Normandy, France, or Germany.

Finally, some variations of the surname Tomandel may be found in Poland, Spain, and Italy. In all of these places, the most common spelling of the name is Tomandel. It may also be spelled as Tomondel, Tomasel, Tomandelli, Thommandel, and Thommendel.

Famous people with the name Tomandel

  • Jen Tomandel, American actress and voice actress
  • Sys Tomandel, Dutch entrepreneur and business coach
  • Mark Tomandel, American cartoonist and director
  • Yaron Tomandel, Israeli politician
  • Anna Tomandel, American film producer
  • Gabriela Tomandel, Spanish footballer
  • Tom Tomandel, American restaurateur
  • Frank Tomandel, American painter
  • Jelle Tomandel, Dutch football coach
  • Karin Tomandel, Austrian actress

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