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Surname Tomandl - Meaning and Origin

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Tomandl: What does the surname Tomandl mean?

The last name Tomandl is generally seen among German-speaking people and can be traced back to medieval Germany, where it first appeared. The name means “ grain trader, similar to a merchant” and is a highly common surname in Bavaria and other parts of Germany.

The name likely had a practical beginning, as people born with this name were typically members of a trading family. Many of the earliest instances of the name come from areas that serve as major trading hubs and it is believed to have been an occupational name first and foremost.

Today, many people with the Tomandl last name continue to work in the trading or business industry, but not all. There are a variety of occupations people with the last name Tomandl have chosen, ranging from engineering to education to social work and more.

Ultimately, the last name Tomandl is tied to a medieval purpose and both a practical and emotional meaning. Its multi-generational history in Germany has bestowed a sense of heritage, culture, and solidarity among it’s members. Whether someone is part of the Tomandl clan now or in the future, they should know that their name is deeply ingrained in German culture and steeped in European tradition and pride.

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Tomandl: Where does the name Tomandl come from?

The Tomandl surname is most commonly found in Austria, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and other Germanic countries. Tomandl is believed to be derived from the German words for ‘Tom’ and ‘Land’, meaning ‘Tom’s land’. This suggests that the original owners of the name were once landowners. Since then, the Tomandl surname has likely spread due to immigration and intermarriage.

Within Austria, the Tomandls are predominantly located in the Upper Austria region, particularly in St. Pantaleon. This small village is home to a number of people with the Tomandl surname, suggesting that the family may have been in the area since the 1700s.

It is likely that some Tomandls still live in these areas today. Tomandl remains a relatively rare surname, however, and it is more likely for the surname to be encountered in these same regions than in other areas of the world. The Tomandl surname is not especially common outside of its homeland, but it cannot be ruled out that people with the surname Tomandl may be found elsewhere in the world outside of Austria and other European regions.

Variations of the surname Tomandl

Tomandl is a combination of two words “Toma” and “andl” which are German surnames derived from the given name Thomas. It can be spelled in various ways like Tommendl, Tomnandl, Tomaendel, Tominarndl, Tomanndel, Tamandl, Tamondl, Tamantel, and so on. The variants and other spellings for Tomandl have been used in different languages, such as German, Czech and Slovak.

Tomando, Tomándo, Tomandlo and Tomandlova are some of the variants of Tomandl that have been used in Spanish, Czech, Slovak, and Slovenian languages respectively. Other variants in other languages include Tomańdło in Polish, Tomendl in German, Tomandlić in Croatian, Tomantlovič in Slovenian, Tominándl in Czech, and Tomàndel in Catalan.

Apart from Tomandl, spellings that are closely related include Tomandles, Thomendles, Thomeles, Tomales, Tommalas, Tamnadas, and Tamendles. Similarly, some of the surnames associated with this surname are Thomandl, Thomandlova, Tomandler, Tomandlov, Tomandlova, Tomandlova, Tomñańdło, and Tomendlova.

Overall, Tomandl is a German surname that has many variants, spellings, and associated surnames across the world. Though some of them may have a slightly different meaning or denote a slightly different origin, they all share the same root of Thomas.

Famous people with the name Tomandl

  • Max Tomandl: Austrian Paralympic swimmer who has competed at both the Summer and Winter Paralympic Games
  • Angela Tomandl: former professional figure skater from Germany
  • Thomas Tomandl: Czech downhill mountain biker
  • Stephanie Tomandl: Australian canoeist
  • Michael Tomandl: Slovakian para-alpine skier
  • Markus Tomandl: Austrian snowboarder
  • Wolfgang Tomandl: German Nordic combined skier
  • Petra Tomandl: Austrian biathlete
  • Melissa Tomandl: American ice hockey player
  • Nonni Tomandl: Icelandic alpine skier

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