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Surname Tomanek - Meaning and Origin

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Tomanek: What does the surname Tomanek mean?

The last name Tomanek is a patronymic surname of Czech origin. The primary meaning of the name is "son of Toman," with Toman being a Czech version of the given name Thomas. The name has its origins in the Middle Ages, when adding a suffix or prefix to Thomas was a common way to refer to someone who was a son of a man named Thomas.

In modern times, those bearing the last name Tomanek are typically of Czech descent. As a popular family name, it is found in many countries, including Germany, Austria, the United States, and Canada.

The common characteristics associated with the name are good personality traits such as being patient, wise, trustworthy, and gentle. Furthermore, the name is associated with the love of nature, family, and animals.

Tomanek is also found in a variety of forms. Aside from Tomanek, some variants of the name include Tomanik, Tomanicke, Tomancak, and Tomanich.

Overall, the surname Tomanek is representative of generations of Czech people who have found strength and love in their family while symbolizing strong and admirable values.

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Tomanek: Where does the name Tomanek come from?

The last name Tomanek is most commonly found in parts of Central Europe today. In particular, it is quite popular in countries such as Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, and Poland. In the Czech Republic, Tomanek is the twelfth most common surname. It is also relatively common in Germany and Romania. Tomanek derives from a personal name, and it may be derived from the Czech-Slovak word "toma" meaning "wealth" or "possession".

The Tomanek family has a long history in Central Europe. In the early days of the region, the family had several prominent branches in Bohemia. By the late 18th century, many of them had emigrated to other parts of Central and Eastern Europe. Later on, some members of the family even relocated to North America, where they settled in cities such as Cleveland, Chicago, and Milwaukee.

Today, the name Tomanek is still quite common in Central Europe. It is particularly popular in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, and Poland. There are also some Tomaneks living in Germany, Romania, and other parts of the world, including North America.

Variations of the surname Tomanek

The surname Tomanek is an uncommon surname with its origin stemming from Czech-Germany, Romania, and Poland. It is believed to be derived from the Czech term “toman” meaning “a hundred” combined with the suffix “ek” meaning “litttle”. The surname is typically spelled Tomanek, however, there are several variants and spellings for the same origin.

Variants of the surname Tomanek include Tomancik, Tomonik, Tomontsik, Tomonnok, Tomoncic, Tomoncik, Tomonczik, and Tomancik. These variations can be spelt Tomoloiki, Thomasaki, Tomonoki, and Tomahnik depending upon the region and the recorded use of the surname.

The surname Tomanek may also include surnames of similar origin such as Tomani, Tomonovic, Tomanovich, and Tomonec. Tomani is derived from the Italian “tomano” meaning “talent”, Tomonovic is derived from the Serbian “Tomanovici” meaning “a family of Slavic origin”, Tomanovich is derived from the Polish “Tomanowicz” meaning “son of Toman” and Tomonec is derived from the Slovak “Tomanec” meaning “little hundred”.

In conclusion, the surname Tomanek has several variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin. These are Tomancik, Tomonik, Tomontsik, Tomonnok, Tomoncic, Tomoncik, Tomonczik, Tomoloiki, Thomasaki, Tomonoki, Tomahnik, Tomani, Tomonovic, Tomanovich and Tomonec.

Famous people with the name Tomanek

  • Renee Tomanek, American professional volleyball player
  • Jakub Tomanek, Czech politician
  • Dani Tomanek, American model
  • Cody Tomanek, American professional mixed martial artist
  • Joe Tomanek, Czechoslovakian author
  • Emil Tomanek, Czech mechanical engineer
  • Karel Tomanek, Czech painter
  • Jan Wiard Tomanek, Czech composer
  • Josef Tomanek, Czech Olympic rower
  • John Tomanek, American figure skater

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