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Surname Tomann - Meaning and Origin

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Tomann: What does the surname Tomann mean?

The last name Tomann is of German origin. It is thought to originate from the German word for "drummer", which is Tomann. Historically, the surname Tomann was most often associated with a person who was a professional drummer and/or musician, or someone otherwise associated with drumming.

More generally, Tomann is a patronymic name originating from the first name Toma, which is thought to be derived from either the name Thomas (which is of Aramaic origin and is thought to be derived from the Hebrew for "twin") or the Aramaic word for indecisive.

The surname Tomann first appeared in the late 1300s, in what is now the northwest region of Germany in the former Duchy of Saxony. By the early 1700s, the surname had spread throughout Germany and was sometimes found in German communities in other parts of Europe and North America.

The Tomann family has strong ties to Germany and throughout history, have had a great influence on German culture, especially music. They continue to play an important role in German music and culture today, and their legacy lives on in the many music festivals and events in the German communities around the world.

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Tomann: Where does the name Tomann come from?

The last name Tomann (or Toman/Tomam) is a surname of Slavic origin. Today, it is most commonly found in central and eastern Europe in countries like Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, and Belarus. It can also be found in other parts of Europe, including Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Hungary.

In the United States, the Tomann surname is relatively uncommon; according to the 2020 U.S. Census, there were fewer than 350 people with the surname living in the country. Other countries with smaller numbers of people with the surname include Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand.

The Tomann surname is associated with various noble families in Europe. The families were part of the minor aristocracy of Bohemia and Silesia in what is now the Czech Republic. The House of Toman was an important family in Haţeg, a city located in present-day Romania.

The Tomann Coat of Arms is described as a silver shield with a black cross at its center. It is believed to have been in use since the 17th century. The origin of the Tomann family crest is unknown, though it is believed to have been derived from a larger regional symbol.

Variations of the Tomann surname include Tomić, Tomčík, Tomšík, Tomáš, Tománek, and Tomiška. Other variants used by family members in different regions and eras include Tomanof, Tomanowicz, Tomano, Tomanoff, Tomon, and Tomanovych.

Variations of the surname Tomann

Tomann is a surname derived from the Germanic language. It is derived from the personal name Tomann, which is a Germanic form of Thomas. Other variants and spellings of Tomann include Tomannus, Thomann, Thumann, Thomman, and Thomanus.

Tomann is most commonly seen in western Germany, Luxembourg, and Alsace. It was an occupational name derived from a clerk of records and lands. Over time, the surname Tomann has spread to other Germanic-speaking countries, including Austria and Switzerland.

In other countries, Tomann can be seen in multiple spellings, including Toftmann, Tofmann, and Thofmann. These variants are mainly seen in Scandinavian and northern Germanic countries such as Denmark and Sweden.

Other variations of Tomann can be seen in other languages and regions too. For example, in French, the surname can be seen as Tomand or Thomand. In Dutch, the surname is spelled Toemand or Toenan.

In some cases, the origin and spelling of the surname can also lead to different surnames with similar sounding names, such as Tutmann in western Germany, Thoman in Switzerland, and Teoman in Prussia.

Finally, Tomann can also be an Anglicized form of the Irish surname O Tomànaigh, which is derived from the Irish personal name Toman. The variants and spellings of this surname include Tomany, Tomane, Tomanski, and Tomainey.

Famous people with the name Tomann

  • Thomas Tomann, a former defensive end in the NFL.
  • George Tomann, a New York-based lawyer and civil rights activist.
  • Ann Tomann, a multi-award winning American sculptor and painter.
  • James Tomann, a British racing driver in the British Touring Car Championship series.
  • Tiger Tomann, an MMA fighter and UFC Hall of Famer.
  • Michael Tomann, a German-born artist and sculptor.
  • Emma Tomann, an actress best known for her roles in several Disney Channel Original Movies.
  • Stephen Tomann, an award-winning American tenor.
  • John Tomann, a strain breeder and cannabis enthusiast.
  • William Tomann, a German-American medical doctor and scientist.

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