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Surname Toman - Meaning and Origin

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Toman: What does the surname Toman mean?

Toman is a Czech and Slovak family name derived from the Old Czech personal name Toman. The name is believed to mean “twin” and often indicated that a person had twins in their family.

The surname Toman can be traced back to the early Middle Ages in the Czech-Slovak region. It is thought to have originated amongst the Kralovec, a Slavic tribe that settled in this region in the 7th century. In the idiom of the time, the name Toman alluded to the blessing of twins in the family.

During the Middle Ages, the Toman surname was first recorded in documents in the ancient town of Leitomischl, located in current day North Moravia. From the 10th to the 13th centuries, it became increasingly common as families bearing this name spread across Poland, Hungary and Austria.

By the 18th and 19th centuries, the Toman name was one of the most common family names in the Austro-Hungarian Empire and was also found in Ukraine. It is still found in several countries throughout Europe and Central Asia.

Today, the Toman family name isn't seen as frequently as it once was. However, it still has strong historical roots and is still of significant importance to many families bearing this name.

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Toman: Where does the name Toman come from?

Toman is a surname commonly found in Central and Eastern Europe. It is particularly common within the Czech Republic and Slovakia, where records show that 71% of Toman's in the world are found. It is also found in Poland, the Ukraine, and Russia, but in smaller numbers. Furthermore, there is an increasing number of Toman's immigrating to North America, primarily the United States and Canada, as a result of increased immigration from Eastern Europe.

The meaning of the Toman name is derived from the Czech/Slovak term 'tom' which means 'twin'. It is quite possible that the origin of this name relates to twins being born in the same family or community. Given the geographic location of this surname, it is believed that the name has origins in the Czech and Slovak languages.

The Toman surname can be found in the United States, primarily in the Midwest and on the East Coast. It is also present in Canada, specifically in major metropolitan areas such as Toronto and Montreal. This surname is just beginning to become established in North America and is expected to continue to see an increase as more families immigrate from Eastern Europe.

Overall, Toman is a fairly common surname in Central and Eastern Europe and is quickly becoming more common in North America. As more families from these countries immigrate to North America, it is likely that the Toman name will continue to spread.

Variations of the surname Toman

The surname Toman is an occupational surname of German origin. It is derived from the word "tomann", which means copper or tinsmith. Variants of this surname include Tomanek, Tomanck, Tomank, Tomanko, Tomanski, Tomankiewicz, Tomankova. Different spellings of Toman include Thoman, Thoman, Thomann, Thomen, Toeman, Toemanek, Toemann, Toemannk, Toemanko, Toemanski, Toemankiewicz, Toemankova.

Variants of the surnames Toman are also found in other countries. In Italy, for example, the surname has been altered to Tome or Tomei. In Poland, it is sometimes spelled as Tomar or Tomarowicz. Toman is also found in South-Eastern European countries such as Croatia and Slovenia, where its variant spelling is Tomanović.

In Germany, the surname Toman is often combined with other surnames, creating a longer compound surname. For example, Thomanowsky, Thomannschmidt, Thomannmeyer and Tomannberg are all German compound names derived from Toman. Additionally, some associated surnames are Tomanski, Thomansch, Thomanek, and Thomanski.

In the United States, this surname is typically pronounced with an Americanized pronunciation of “tuh-MAWN”. African American descendants of slaves, who were formerly known as Tomans, may be found with the spellings Tomas, Tomaz, Thomes, Thomas, Thomaz, or Thomass.

In sum, the surnames Toman, as well as its variants, spellings and surnames of similar origin, are widely spread across different countries both in Europe and the United States.

Famous people with the name Toman

  • Lawrence Toman: is an American actor and film producer, mostly known for his documentary work on the HBO series “The Defiant Ones”.
  • Julie Toman: is a New York-based fashion designer and creative director, known for her minimalistic, modern designs.
  • Joe Toman: is a professional basketball player, currently playing for the Toronto Raptors.
  • Matt Toman: is an American musician and composer, best known for his work in the rock band Fall Out Boy.
  • John Toman: is a former Major League Baseball pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals and Colorado Rockies.
  • Tomáš Toman: is a retired Czech professional footballer and current sports commentator, known for his successful career with the Czech National Team.
  • William Toman: is an American documentary filmmaker who has won two Academy Awards for Best Documentary Feature.
  • Heidi Toman: is an American choreographer, best known for her work on the Broadway musical “Hairspray” and a recurring judging role on the television show “So You Think You Can Dance”.
  • Nico Toman: is a Dutch professional football defender, currently playing for the Dutch Eredivisie team Ajax.
  • Rebecca Toman: is an American singer-songwriter from New York City, known for her heartfelt and unique take on contemporary folk music.

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