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Surname Tomaschowski - Meaning and Origin

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Tomaschowski: What does the surname Tomaschowski mean?

The last name Tomaschowski is of Polish origin as it can be seen from the suffix -owski. It most likely comes from the old Slavic personal name Tomasz which means ‘twin’. A large majority of Tomaschowski’s can be found in Poland as it is the Slaviic country of origin. It is also common in other Eastern European countries such as Slovakia, Belarus, and the Czech Republic.

The coat of arms for the Tomaschowski surname is a silver shield divided into four quarters, each quarter containing a red lion which is standing on a black wing. The colors of the shield represent honor and loyalty while the lion on the wings stands for courage and strength.

The Tomaschowski name has been passed down for generations, tracing their roots back to the early days of the Polish state. Historically, the Tomaschowski’s were known as wealthy landowners and craftspeople who lived simple but earnest lives. Their courage and hard work was respected by those around them and the Tomaschowski name developed a strong reputation.

Today, those who are descended from the Tomaschowski’s are proud to carry the name and respect the unique roots of their ancestors. No matter where they live in the world, those who are of the Tomaschowski family recognize their distinct heritage.

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Tomaschowski: Where does the name Tomaschowski come from?

The last name Tomaschowski is quite common in the German-speaking world. In Germany the name is most commonly found in the east, particularly in the states of Brandenburg, Saxony, and Bavaria. In Poland, Tomaschowski is a more common name, with the highest concentration in the western and northern parts of the country. Czech Republic is another place with a high number of people bearing this last name.

In the United States, Tomaschowski is most commonly found in Chicago, specifically Cook County which has the largest concentration of Tomaschowskis. According to the US census data, other states with the highest population of Tomaschowskis include Wisconsin, New York, and Michigan.

The Tomaschowski name is also fairly common in Venezuela and other parts of South America that have had a strong German influence, such as Brazil, Argentina, and Chile. In Canada, the average Tomaschowski can be found in Ontario and Alberta.

Overall, the Tomaschowski name is most common among people of German, Polish, and Czech descent. This is likely due to the fact that Tomaschowski is a Germanic name that was brought to other parts of the world by German, Polish, and Czech immigrants. Although it may be less common in other places outside of the German-speaking world, it is still possible to find Tomaschowskis living in various parts of the world.

Variations of the surname Tomaschowski

Tomaschowski is a surname of German origin. It is most common in Germany, Austria, Sweden, and the United States and is believed to be derived from the given name Tomas. Variants of the surname include Tomaskowski, Thomaskowski, Thomashowski, Thomasschowski, Thompson, and Tomczak. The surname encompasses a range of spellings, such as Tomashovsky, Thomashovskiy, Tomaskowitz, Tomeschowsky, Tomson, and Tomchick.

The German surname Tomaschowski is derived from the given name Tomas, which is an adaptation of the Hebrew name Thomas. The name is composed of two parts: "tam" meaning 'twin' and "a" meaning 'God.' An alternate explanation of the name origin is that it could be a variation of the medieval German name Thume, which is a diminutive of Thuma, which is derived from the Germanic name Thumagari.

In some parts of Europe, the variant surname Tomczak is often found. Tomczak is derived from the Slavic term for a 'craftsman' and was likely first adopted as a surname by inhabitants of Slavic regions. Variations of the name in the United States and other parts of the world include Tomczyk, Tomshack, Tomzack, and Tomak.

The name Tomaschowski is also a part of many hereditary titles in Germany, such as the Freiherr von Tomaschowski noble family. The name also appears on coat of arms of multiple noble families in the region.

Famous people with the name Tomaschowski

  • Toni Tomaschowski: German footballer who played for numerous clubs in the Bundesliga, including Fortuna Düsseldorf and SpVgg Unterhaching.
  • Katrin Tomaschowski: German cross-country skier who has won the German National Championships three times.
  • Sabine Tomaschowski: German alpine ski racer who competed in the 1978 Winter Olympics in Innsbruck.
  • Uda-Mehmed Tomaschowski: German footballer in the late 1950s and early 1960s who played for SC Tasmania 1900 Berlin.
  • Florian Tomaschowski: German Water Polo player who was part of the 1998 World Championship Silver Medal-winning team.
  • Annegret Tomaschowski: German judoka who competed at the 1976 Summer Olympics.
  • Astrid Tomaschowski: German cross-country skier who competed in the 1978 and 1982 Winter Olympics.
  • Lothar Tomaschowski: German football player who played for Schalke 04, Arminia Bielefeld and Fortuna Düsseldorf.
  • Norbert Tomaschowski: German sports shooter who competed in the 1972 Summer Olympics.
  • Timo Tomaschowski: German footballer who currently plays for Fortuna Düsseldorf in the 2. Bundesliga.

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