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Surname Tomasch - Meaning and Origin

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Tomasch: What does the surname Tomasch mean?

The surname Tomasch is believed to be of Germanic origin. According to analysis of historical records, the Tomasch surname likely has several different origins. The first source could be derived from the old Germanic given name "Thomas," meaning "twin" or "twinning;" in this case it would have likely been used as a patronymic surname, signifying "son of Thomas." Additionally, Tomasch could also have been derived from the Middle High German word "tumêr," meaning "market," which likely referred to a person who sold merchandise at a market. The surname Tomasch could also have been derived from a Slavic word meaning "twin," which could refer to the twin brothers of Czech royalty who later settled in Germany and took on the surname.

The Tomasch surname has spread around the world over time, and can be found in various countries of central and eastern Europe, including Slovakia, Ukraine, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Hungary. Records have shown that the Tomasch surname is also found in North America and Canada, likely having been brought by immigrants in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

The Tomasch surname is believed to have many different origins and meanings, each based on the unique historical circumstances of its first bearers. Whatever its origin, the Tomasch surname is one of many distinct surnames that has passed through generations and will remain part of family histories for many years to come.

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Tomasch: Where does the name Tomasch come from?

The last name Tomasch is most commonly found in Central and Eastern Europe. It is particularly common in countries such as the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, and Ukraine. The name originated from the Czech language where Tomesch means "Tomasch of the people".

In the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Tomasch is amongst one of the most common surnames with many people bearing the name in those respective countries. In Poland, it is also a fairly common last name and can be found throughout the country.

In the United States, Tomasch is less common; however, it still appears in various forms such as Tomasz or Tomasko. As of 2017, it was estimated that over 1,200 people in the United States bore the last name Tomasch.

Besides Central and Eastern Europe, Tomasch can also be found in some parts of South America, especially in countries such as Argentina and Brazil. Here, the surname is usually found in the form Tomás or Tomásco.

In summary, the last name Tomasch is common in a variety of countries, with Central and Eastern Europe having the highest concentration of people with this surname. It has also spread to parts of South America, with some people bearing the name in the US as well.

Variations of the surname Tomasch

The variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin for the surname Tomasch are as follows:

Tomash – This alternative spelling of the surname Tomasch is very popular in much of Eastern Europe. It is a variant spelling of the last name and can be found in Germany, Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia.

Tomashi – This variant of the surname Tomasch is less common and mostly found in Romania. It is believed to be a variation of the word “Tomash”.

Tomasz – This variation of the surname Tomasch is popular in Poland. It is a common spelling for the surname Tomasch and is found in Germany, Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia.

Tomáš – The Czech Republic uses the variant “Tomáš”, as this slightly different spelling is preferred in that country. The other variant spellings are also found here but this is the most popular.

Tomashevič – This is a Belarusian version of the surname Tomasch. Belarus is the only country where this variant of the surname is found.

Tomčik – This is a Slovakian variation on the name Tomasch. It is more commonly found in eastern Europe and is a variation of the surname.

Tomchyk – This is an Eastern European variation of the name Tomasch. It is mostly found in the Ukraine and is believed to be derived from the original spelling.

Overall, the surname Tomasch is a moniker originating from Eastern and Central Europe, with many regional variations and spellings found throughout this region. These are the most common forms of the surname, and each variation has its own unique meaning and origin.

Famous people with the name Tomasch

  • Alexandra Tomasch: Austrian alpine skier who represented Austria at the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea.
  • David Tomasch: American composer, multi-instrumentalist and producer.
  • Andreas Tomasch: Austrian musician and producer from Vienna.
  • Helmer Tomasch: scientist and physicist from Austria who developed the skyline theory of quantum mechanics.
  • Alfred Tomasch: Austrian politician and former Minister of Finance.
  • Manda Tomasch: American stage and film actress who has appeared in several productions over the years.
  • Marc Tomasch: American music producer who has been credited on the Grammy Award winning album for rapper Eminem.
  • Irena Tomasch: Austrian environmental law professor and co-founder of the Faculty of Environmental Law at the University of Vienna.
  • Georg Tomasch: Austrian lawyer and lawyer of the criminal court.
  • Stefan Tomasch: Austrian tennis player who has achieved success at both national and international levels.

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