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Surname Tomasek - Meaning and Origin

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Tomasek: What does the surname Tomasek mean?

The last name Tomasek is of Slavic origin. It is derived from the old Slavic personal name Tomaš, which is a variation of the Greek name Thomas. The name Thomas is derived from the Aramaic word “te’oma”, which translates to “twin”. In the Czech Republic, Tomasek is one of the most frequent surnames. Historically, people with this last name often worked with horses, which explains why the name is derived from the name Thomas, the patron saint of horses.

The meaning of Tomasek today is widely interpreted as “son of Tomaš” or “son of the twin.” It could also be interpreted as “follower of Thomas.” In addition to being an occupational surname, the surname Tomasek is also used to indicate someone’s place of origin. For example, someone from Slovakia might take the surname Tomasek Slovak to indicate their birthplace.

Regardless of its origin, the last name Tomasek is as old and varied as its meaning. The name brings to mind Aramaic words, patron saints, and strong ties to horses, as well as a deep connection to a person’s origin. Tomasek is a distinct surname with a rich and varied history.

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Tomasek: Where does the name Tomasek come from?

The last name Tomasek is primarily found in central and eastern European countries including Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Poland, and Hungary. It is also found in some parts of the United States, Australia, and Canada. The name can be traced back to the 10th century Bohemia and is likely derived from the given name "Tomáš", which is the Czech version of "Thomas". The name can also be found in records from the 12th century in eastern and south-eastern parts of Germany.

Today, individuals bearing the last name Tomasek can be found in countries throughout the world. According to World Names PublicProfiler, the majority of Tomaseks today are found in the Czech Republic, where they make up 0.46% of the population. It is also quite common in countries like Slovakia (0.23%), Austria (0.04%), Poland (0.04%) and Hungary (0.02%).

In the United States, Tomasek is still considered to be a relatively uncommon last name. According to the US Census 2019, there are roughly 7,509 people with the name living in the country, which works out to 0.0024% of the population. In Canada, the name is similarly uncommon, with 1,646 Canadians bearing the surname.

Overall, the surname Tomasek can be found throughout the world today, with the largest concentrations located in central and eastern European countries.

Variations of the surname Tomasek

The surname Tomasek is a Czech and Slovak name derived from the Slavic version of the given name Tomáš, meaning "twin". It is an occupational name derived from the pre-Christian era, describing a person who works with "twin" metals such as gold and silver or copper and tin. This surname is also known to use various variants and spelling variations, such as Tomášek, Tomosek, Tumašek, Tomasek, Tomaszek, Tomasko, Tomassian, and Tyson.

In Czech, Tomášek is the most common variant and in Slovakia, the most common variant is Tomášek or Tumašek. Furthermore, in the United States and Canada, the most common spelling of the surname Tomasek is Tomasko.

Surnames associated with Tomasek include Tomecek, Tomek, Toman, Tomka, Tomko, and Tomčiak.

The surnames Toman and Tomek may originate from an older Czech spelling variation of Tomasek, Tomanek. Tomka and Tomko may come from the slovak word "Tomek" meaning Thomas, while Tomecek can mean the diminutive of "Tomáš", or Thomas.

Another slovak variation is Tomčiak, which is derived from the root of the name Tomaš and can be translated to "son of Tomaš". Lastly, Tyson may originate from an older spelling of Tomášek, Tomaszek or Tumašek with the spelling being altered due to the influence of the English language.

In conclusion, Tomasek is an old surname originating in Czech and Slovak and its variations, spellings and related surnames include, Tomansek, Tomášek, Tomosek, Tumašek, Tomasko, Tomassian, Tyson, Tomecek, Tomek, Toman, Tomka, Tomko and Tomčiak.

Famous people with the name Tomasek

  • Stanislav Tomášek: Czech professional ice hockey player who plays for HC Kometa Brno in the Czech Extraliga.
  • Pavla Tomasek: Czech entrepreneur, investor, and humanitarian activist known for her work on refugee rights.
  • Joey Tomasek: American professional football player who plays for the San Francisco 49ers in the National Football League.
  • Katie Tomasek: American professional basketball player who plays for the Connecticut Sun in the WNBA.
  • Jan Tomášek: Czech television presenter and journalist.
  • Charlie Tomasek: American professional skateboarder known for his independent skateboards and creative video parts.
  • Don Tomasek: Canadian former ice hockey defenceman who played professionally for the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Pittsburgh Penguins.
  • Mitch Tomasek: Canadian professional ice hockey goaltender who plays for the Macon Mayhem in the Southern Professional Hockey League.
  • Steven Tomasek: American musician, best known for playing bass guitar in the pop punk band Mest.
  • Leo Tomasek: Czech professional ice hockey forward who plays for HC Kometa Brno in the Czech Extraliga.

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