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Surname Tomaszewski - Meaning and Origin

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Tomaszewski: What does the surname Tomaszewski mean?

The last name Tomaszewski is derived from the personal name Tomasz, which is of Slavic origin and is derived from the given name Thomas, which is of Hebrew origin meaning “Twin”. It is believed to have first made its way into Europe from the crusaders on their return to the Holy Land.

The root of the Polish surname Tomaszewski lies in the words Tomasz and the suffix -ewicz, a patronymic meaning “son of Tomasz”. Therefore, it can be said that individuals with the surname Tomaszewski are the descendants of a man named Tomasz.

At the end of the 19th century, Tomaszewski was recorded as the 51st most common surname in Poland. The name began to spread both within the country and beyond its borders with the onset of industrialization and immigration in the early 20th century. As a result, descendants of the Tomaszewski’s clan can be found throughout Europe, as well as in North and South America, and Australia.

Additionally, some with the Tomaszewski surname have made significant contributions to the fields of medicine, economics, and literature, among others. Dr. Julian Tomaszewski is particularly renowned for his dedication to improving the practice of medical diagnostics, creating an algorithm that helped doctors accurately diagnose disease in the late 1800s.

Overall, the surname Tomaszewski is associated with a significant history, both for Poland and abroad. The name ties in a unique past and an ancestry of great and inspiring individuals.

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Tomaszewski: Where does the name Tomaszewski come from?

The last name Tomaszewski can be found all over the world today. It is most commonly found in Central and Eastern Europe, particularly Poland. In recent years, Tomaszewski has gained significant popularity in the United States, Ukraine, and Germany.

In Poland, Tomaszewski was among the 20 most commonly-occurring surnames in 2020, with over 29,000 people bearing the name. In the United States, Tomaszewski is especially popular in cities such as Chicago, New York City, and Los Angeles. In Ukraine, Tomaszewski was among the 50 most popular surnames in 2020. In Germany, the name is one of the 10 most common surnames among foreign immigrants.

Tomaszewski originates from the Polish first name Tomasz, meaning ‘twin’. Tomaszewski is the patronymic form of the name, which means the son of Tomasz. People bearing the surname may find its shared root with similar-sounding names such as Tomczyk, Tomasov, Tomaszuk and, Petrunyak.

The surname Tomaszewski is associated with a number of notable people including: Ksenia Tomaszewska, a Polish actress; Zenon Tomaszewski, a Polish footballer; Yadwiga Tomaszewska, a World War II staff nurse; and several members of the Tomaszewski family of Polish nobility, including nobleman Wojciech Tomaszewski and Marshal Jozef Tomaszewski.

Today, Tomaszewski is an increasingly-popular surname, found in countries across the world. Its origin comes from the Polish first name Tomasz, which means ‘twin’. People of the Tomaszewski surname may also recognize the shared root of several other similarly-sounding surnames. The Tomaszewski surname is associated with a number of notable people, from actors to members of Polish nobility.

Variations of the surname Tomaszewski

The Tomaszewski surname is, in its various variants, a variation of the root surname Tomasz, which is derived from the Hebrew personal name Toviyyah. It is used as a family name by Russian and Ukrainian Jews, and is one of the most common surnames in Poland.

Tomaszewski is the most common variant of this surname and can be spelled a number of ways, including Tomazewski, Tomashevsky, Tomashevski, Tomashvosky, Tomaszewicz, Tomashkevich, and Tomashkevitch. It is also rendered as Tomashefskij, Tomaszevskij, Tomashovskij, and Tomazovsky.

In the United States, this surname has become Americanized and is often spelled "Thomas," and names such as Thomasfsky and Thomazewski have appeared in records. Other variants of Tomaszewski have also been found in the United States, including Tomasovski and Tommazewski.

Tomaszewski can also take the form of a patronymic, which is a surname formed by adding suffixes or prefixes to the father's name. Common patronymic surnames related to Tomaszewski are Tomaszevich, Tomaszevichin, Tomaszevskij, Tomaszevichina, and Tomaszevskiy.

All of these variants can be found in various parts of Russia, Ukraine, and Poland, and can be traceable across generations to the same root surname.

Famous people with the name Tomaszewski

  • Jan Tomaszewski: A former Polish international footballer. He gained numerous caps for the Polish national team and was part of the squad that won the 1972 Olympics Gold Medal.
  • Józef Tomaszewski: A Polish artist, best known for being one of the earliest representatives of the Polish School of Posters.
  • Andrzej Tomaszewski: A Polish film director and screenwriter. He is often referred to as the father of Polish animation films, due to his significant contribution to the genre.
  • Henryk Tomaszewski: One of the most influential Polish poster artists of the 20th century. He has won many national and international awards, including being hailed as a "World Master of Poster Art" by the International Council of the Museum of Modern Art.
  • Stefan Tomaszewski: A multi-award-winning Polish composer and teacher. He is best known for his works in film scoring and his academic achievements.
  • Philippe Tomaszewski: A popular French actor and comedian. He is best known for his roles in comedies and the occasional drama, though he has always gravitated towards wacky, comedic roles.
  • Natalia Tomaszewska: An award-winning Polish journalist, author, and blogger. She is lauded for her innovative approach to reporting and her ability to dig out the truth.
  • Stan Tomaszewski: A former Canadian professional ice hockey player, best known for his stints with the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Calgary Flames.
  • Mariusz Tomaszewski: A Polish politician, diplomat, and business magnate. He is the founder and president of the Tomaszewski Group, a successful investment fund with various businesses around the world.
  • Jakub Tomaszewski: A Polish football manager and former player. He was formerly the manager of Pogoń Szczecin and the youth teams of Legia Warsaw.

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