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Surname Tomaszewska - Meaning and Origin

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Tomaszewska: What does the surname Tomaszewska mean?

The last name Tomaszewska is of Slavic origin, originating from a root word meaning "son of Tomasz". Tomasz is derived from the Latin name Thomas and is a given name that means 'twin'. The name Tomaszewska therefore means 'son of Tomasz'.

The Tomaszewski family has an illustrious history that can be traced back to the Prawdzic Clan of the Pomeranian region in the 14th century. The Tomaszewski family was one of the original clans established by the King of Poland. They were given many prestigious titles throughout their history, including Baron and Count. The Tomaszewski family was a noble, influential family who were respected in politics and private life.

In more recent times, the last name Tomaszewska has come to encompass families with Polish ancestry. People bearing this name are likely to be well educated, hold positions of authority, and possess a strong sense of responsibility. The name symbolises hard work, respect for custom, and a great respect for family values.

Today, the last name Tomaszewska is still a common name in the Slavic-speaking countries of Eastern Europe. People with this last name have the potential to achieve success in life if they are willing to work for it. The Tomaszewski people are celebrated for enduring and overcoming difficult times, which has made them a strong and successful family.

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Tomaszewska: Where does the name Tomaszewska come from?

Tomaszewska is a patronymic/matronymic Polish surname derived from the male first name Tomasz. It is most commonly found today in Poland, where it is one of the most widespread surnames. It is also found in other countries with significant Polish diaspora populations, such as Germany, the United States, and Canada. In Germany, the greatest concentration of people with the Tomaszewska surname is in the state of Brandenburg, and in the United States and Canada it is most prevalent in the Great Lakes region and the Northeastern states.

The surname Tomaszewska has a long history in Poland, and is believed to have originated from the Mazovian district during the 11th century. It was used to distinguish individuals who shared the same first name, with Tomaszewska being derived from the root Tomasz, meaning “twin”. As the family spread, other variations of the surname began to appear, such as Tomaschewski, Tomaszewski, and Tomaszkovich.

Today, Tomaszewska is very common across Poland, as it was one of the 56 most popular surnames in the country as of 2014. As a result of emigration from Poland in the latter half of the 20th century, Tomaszewska is now also established in other countries. It is possible to encounter individuals with this surname in many countries around the world, as there are currently over 4,500 documented Tomaszewski modern-day bearers.

Variations of the surname Tomaszewska

The variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin for the surname Tomaszewska are as follows:

Tomaszewski - Probably the most popular variant of the Tomaszewska surname. It is the masculine form of the name and is derived from the given name Tomasz. This spelling is well-known amongst Polish people, and is also used in other Slavic countries.

Tomashevsky - This is a variant of the Tomaszewski spelling and it is sometimes used by people of Jewish descent. It is a Russian-language variant and could be used by people living in Russia or other countries.

Tomaševskij - Another variant of the Tomaszewski name, but this time in the Czech language. This spelling is common amongst Czech and Slovak people and is derived from the Czech given name Tomáš.

Tomášovský - A variant of Tomaszewski that is commonly used amongst people of Slovak descent. It is derived from the Slovak given name Tomáš and is often used by people living in Slovakia.

Tomaszovska - A less common variant of the Tomaszewska surname, although it is still widely known and used. It is derived from the Feminine form of the name Tomasz, and is sometimes used by people living in Poland and other Slavic countries.

Tomasziewski - Another spelling variant of the Tomaszewski name, this time without the letter E. It is derived from the masculine form of Tomasz and is also widely used amongst Polish people.

Tomajewski - A rare variant of the Tomaszewska surname, it is most commonly found amongst people of Ukrainian descent. It is derived from the Ukrainian name Tomaj and is used by people living in Ukraine and other Slavic countries.

Tomasevska - A variant that is only used by people of Macedonian descent. It is derived from the Macedonian name Tomasevski and is most commonly used by people living in the Republic of Macedonia.

Tomaszewska is probably the most common variant of all the surnames listed, but there are quite a few other kspellings, variants, and surnames that are also derived from the same origin. It is interesting to note that in different countries, there are different spellings and variants of the same surname, which can often be quite confusing for people of different backgrounds.

Famous people with the name Tomaszewska

  • Monika Tomaszewska: Polish actress and television presenter
  • Danuta Tomaszewska: Polish harpist
  • Aleksandra Tomaszewska: Polish actress and daughter of Monika Tomaszewska
  • Karolina Tomaszewska: Polish model and singer
  • Justyna Tomaszewska: Polish actress
  • Agata Tomaszewska: Polish figure skater
  • Barbara Tomaszewska: Polish sports journalist and magazine editor
  • Wiktoria Tomaszewska: Polish Olympic shooting medalist
  • Zofia Tomaszewska: Polish speed skater
  • Augustyna Tomaszewska: Polish actress

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