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Surname Tomasz - Meaning and Origin

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Tomasz: What does the surname Tomasz mean?

Tomasz is a last name of Slovene origin, deriving from the given name Thomas. It is a very popular name in Poland, and is also found in other Slavic countries such as Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Ukraine.

The origin of the name Thomas itself is Greek, deriving from the Aramaic name 'Toma' which means 'twin'. Saint Thomas was one of the 12 apostles of Jesus in the New Testament. In ancient times, many people were named after this biblical figure due to his association with faith and piety.

The name Tomasz is a common variation of the name Thomas, and is often used among Slavic communities and other parts of Europe. It can be a combination of the two names, with "Tom" as a shortened version of Thomas, and "asz" often added as an extra suffix.

The meaning of Tomasz can be interpreted differently. It can mean someone who is dedicated to their faith, symbolizing strength and courage in the face of adversity. It can also be interpreted as representing someone who is a twin or has a dual personality, representing someone who is strong-willed and brave enough to overcome difficult situations.

Overall, Tomasz is a name that symbolizes courage, strength and faith. With its roots in ancient Greek and Aramaic, while also being associated with the story of Saint Thomas, it's no surprise that it is so popular among Slavic countries and many other parts of Europe.

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Tomasz: Where does the name Tomasz come from?

The last name Tomasz is most common in Poland, where it ranks as one of the top ten most popular surnames. It is estimated that as many as 5.9% of the population bears the name, with figures from over 372,000 recorded in 2020. The surname is also found in other Central European countries, particularly in Ukraine and Slovakia, where it is ranked in the top 200 most common last names. Additionally, the Tomasz surname has spread to other countries, including the United States, Germany, and the United Kingdom, where it is held by thousands of people.

In the United States, Tomasz is the 1,921st most common last name, with just over 4,000 reported bearers. It is most commonly concentrated in the New York metropolitan area, as well as other large towns such as Chicago and Los Angeles, with smaller pockets present in Detroit and Houston. The name is also present in the states of New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts.

In the UK, Tomasz is the 926th most common surname. England’s capital, London, is the most popular spot for the last name, while smaller centers in Bristol, Manchester, Nottingham, and Sheffield also boast significant Tomasz populations.

In general, Tomasz is quite widespread across the globe and is found in many countries, including some in Central America, Asia, Africa, and Oceania.

Variations of the surname Tomasz

Tomasz is a Polish, Lithuanian, and Czech surname. It is a variant spelling of the name Thomas, which comes from the Biblical figure of the same name and it means ‘twin’ or ‘twelfth’.

The variants of Tomasz include: Tomáš, Thamasz, Tamás, Tomàs, Thomaz, Tomash, Thomash, and Tomaz. In Poland, one variant of this name is Tomczyk. In Croatia and Serbia, the surname is spelled Tomić. In United States English, the surname is usually spelled Thomas or Tomas.

Other surnames that are derived from Tomasz include Tomczyk, Tomczak, Tomczon, Tomczynski, Tomicki, Tomalak, Tomlak, Tomala, and Talavác. In Hungary, the spelling of this name is usually Toma, while in Italian it is usually spelled Tomei.

The Lithuanian form of this name is Tomaitis or Tamošaitis. The Czech and Slovak form is Tomšík, the Belarusian form is Tomashkevich, and the Russian form is Tomashov or Tomashkevitch.

In the English-speaking world, Tomasz is often derived from the Spanish surname Tomas In that language, this name is usually spelled either Tomas or Tomaso, while its variants include Thomás, Tomás, and Thomaz.

Famous people with the name Tomasz

  • Ewa Tomasz: Modern Classicist scholar of Polish literature
  • Olga Tōmaš: Japanese folk singer
  • Viktor Tomasz: Danish handball player
  • Matthew Tomasz: American actor
  • Bonifacy Tomasz: Polish painter
  • Jakub Tomasz: Czech artist
  • Edward Tomasz: Slovak businessperson
  • Tony Tomasz: American comedian
  • David Tomasz: puppeteer from Poland
  • Andrzej Tomasz: member of the Polish-American Football Hall of Fame

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