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Surname Tripp - Meaning and Origin

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U. Tripp

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Tripp: What does the surname Tripp mean?

The surname Tripp is of Anglo-Saxon origin and has two likely meanings. One is that it derives from an occupational term for a dancer or a performer in a medieval pageant or procession, from the Old English pre 7th century word "trippian", which means to step lightly or leap. This could have been given as a nickname to someone with a sprightly, light-footed character.

The second possible origin may be topographical and related to the Old Norse word "thorp", meaning an outlying farmstead or hamlet. It would have given to someone who lived in such a place. It is also found in northwestern Germany with the same meaning. It's important to note that the historical development and interpretation of surnames were influenced by regional dialects, spelling variations, and the passage of time, which often led to multiple meanings for a single surname. Today, individuals named Tripp can be found in USA, UK, Canada, and other countries, reflecting the widespread migration of people and cultures.

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Tripp: Where does the name Tripp come from?

The last name Tripp is most commonly found throughout the United States. In 2019, the last name was the 838th most common name in the United States, with approximately 17,228 individuals sharing the last name. According to, the states with the highest population of people with the last name "Tripp" are in the New England area, such as Maine, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts.

Outside of the United States, in places like Canada, South Africa, England, Scotland, and Australia, the last name has also been found. It is especially popular in Australia, where it ranks as the 248th most common last name in the country and is found primarily in the suburbs of Sydney and other major cities.

In addition to being found in English-speaking countries, Tripp is also a very popular last name in countries across the Caribbean, such as Haiti, Jamaica, Turks and Caicos, and Dominican Republic, as well as Argentina, Chile, and Mexico.

No matter where the last name Tripp is found, it is typically associated with strong family values, a strong work ethic, and an eagerness to help and serve those in need.

Variations of the surname Tripp

Tripp is an anglicized form of the Germanic name Trippen, derived from the Middle High German trippe, meaning "limping”. Common variants of the Tripp surname include Trippen, Trippin, Trippence, Trippney, Trippany, Trippier, Trippler, Trippon, Tripperman, Trippert. Other forms of the name also exist, such as Treppor, Treppach, Treppen, Treppmann, Treppner, Dröppels, Dritter and Drepper.

Tripp is also found as a given name, with variants such as Tripper, Trippie, Trip, Trippen, Tripon and Trippet. A number of interchangeable spellings of the Tripp surname are in use throughout Europe and can be found in several European countries. These include Trippi in Germany, Trippin in France, Trippon in Spain, Trippe in Italy, and Trippen in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Smith and Iceland. It is also sometimes spelled as Tarpp or Trupp.

In corresponding places of origin, Tripp is found with various spellings. In Ireland, variants may include Treppa or Tripe; in the Netherlands, Tripe and Droidt or Drooidt; in Austria, Treppier or Tripper; in Switzerland, Trippen and Dropper; in Denmark, Tripp and Trebb; in Poland, Tripp; in Lithuania, Trekas, Trikos and Tripuolis; in the Czech Republic, Trippich or Trippner; and in Russia, Treppen and Droppen.

Tripp is an uncommon surname in the United States. Variants of this surname have been found in spellings such as Trippie, Trippier, Trippin, Tripon, Trivvon, Tripplett, Tripnet, Tripett, Tripplitt and Triplit.

Famous people with the name Tripp

  • Travis Coy Tripp: Actor, composer, and filmmaker best known for his short film The Waltz in 2007.
  • Mary Kay Tripp: American actress, best known for her portrayal of Ellen Lawson on NBC series Just Shoot Me.
  • Lincoln Tripp: Author, writer, and environmental scientist.
  • Joshua Tripp: Professional motocross racer, riding for the team KTM Red Bull Factory in 2019.
  • Amy Tripp: American singer and songwriter, member of the duo Eli Paperboy Reed & The True Loves.
  • Laura Tripp: Professional snowboarder, specializing in slopestyle.
  • Ken Tripp: American professional wrestler, currently performing on the independent circuit.
  • Mark Tripp: Retired American professional golfer, winner of 19 events before his retirement.
  • Roy Tripp: Former MLB catcher, playing five seasons for the Detroit Tigers in the 1980s and early 1990s.
  • Bob Tripp: Economist, currently working as a professor at the University of Hawaii.

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