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Surname Valdez - Meaning and Origin

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Unraveling the Unexpected Origins of My Surname, Valdez, through an iGENEA DNA Test

Recently, I decided to unveil my ancestry by taking the iGENEA DNA test. Although expecting a predominantly Hispanic lineage in line with my surname, Valdez, the results unfolded a serendipitous journey into European and Middle Eastern origins.

Q. Valdez

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Valdez: What does the surname Valdez mean?

Valdez is a Spanish surname with its origins in Asturias, a region in Northern Spain. The name is thought to derive from a place-name derived from "Val De As," which translates to "Valley of the Ace," with "Ace" being a stream or water source. It was first adopted as a surname by people who lived in or near such a region. It is a common patronymic surname in the Hispanic world, particularly popular in Mexico, Peru, the Philippines and the United States, among Latino/Hispanic communities. In some cases, the surname could indicate Spanish descent. As with many other Spanish surnames, there are numerous families with this name and it is not restricted to a single lineage or ancestry. The specific meaning of the surname can vary based on regional dialects and historical interpretations.

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Valdez: Where does the name Valdez come from?

The last name Valdez is most common in countries with strong Spanish influences, such as Mexico, Peru, and the Dominican Republic. In Mexico, it is the 19th most common last name in the country and is predominantly found in central and southern areas as well as in the cities of Mexico City and Guadalajara. In Peru, Valdez is the 10th most common last name and is found mostly in the coastal areas. In the Dominican Republic, it is the 27th most common last name and is most common in the Dominican capital region and western provinces.

Outside of Latin America, the last name Valdez is still found among those of Hispanic descent in the United States, primarily in the southwestern portions of the country. It is also found throughout the Caribbean Islands, notably in Cuba, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico. This dispersion of the name Valdez can be attributed to the natural migration of those who are of Hispanic descent.

Moreover, the last name was also brought to several other countries as a legacy of the Spanish colonial era. For instance, in the Philippines, the last name has been localized to “Balagtas”. In the Philippines, among other countries, it is usually found among the lower classes of society.

All in all, due to its prevalence among Spanish-speaking countries along with Hispanophone diaspora, the last name Valdez is widely represented throughout much of the Americas, the Caribbean, and even parts of Southeast Asia.

Variations of the surname Valdez

The surname Valdez is a Spanish-language surname of patronymic origin. It is derived from the personal name “Valdo,” a variant of “Baldo,” which is of Germanic origin and is thought to mean “brave.” Common variants of this surname include “Valdés,” “Valddes,” “Valdez,” “Valdece,” “Valdeze,” and “Valeche.” Surnames related to Valdez include “Valdivieso,” “Valdivia,” “Vandez” and “Vández.” This surname is most commonly found in Spain, although it is also present in other Latin American countries, including Mexico, Argentina, and Bolivia. In some cases, individuals with this surname may have migrated to the United States, particularly in cities where Latino populations are strong. Examples of areas with large Latino populations include Miami, Los Angeles, and New York.

Another variant of the surname is “Valdesalacar,” which is a combination of the name “Valdo” and the Spanish words “sala,” meaning “hall,” and “car,” meaning “pointing out.” This surname likely refers to someone who pointed out a hall or a place. It is rare, but can be found mostly in Latin American countries, as well as in some states in the United States.

The distinct variants of the surname Valdez, its related surnames, and its variants all indicate the many branches of this surname that have evolved over time. While the original form of the surname and its various spellings are still used, the variants of this surname reveal that its influence has spread to all parts of the world.

Famous people with the name Valdez

  • Marco Antonio Valdez: Mexican actor, writer and director.
  • Ximena Valdez: Mexican TV producer, screenplay writer, author and sociologist.
  • Stephanie Valencia Valdez: American politician and strategist participant in the Obama 2012 re-election campaign.
  • Debi Valdez: American reality TV personality.
  • Antonio Valdez: Dominican professional baseball scout for the Boston Red Sox.
  • Bruno Valdez: Mexican professional soccer player for Club América.
  • Oscar Valdez: Mexican professional boxer and former WBO featherweight champion.
  • Glenn Valdez: Puerto Rican professional boxer and former WBO bantamweight champion.
  • Claudia Valdez: Chilean journalist and television presenter.
  • Juan Carlos Valdez: Mexican wrestler known as El Hijo del Santo.
  • Adriana Valdez: American college soccer player for Santa Clara University.
  • Martin French Valdez: Puerto Rican-American theater, film, and television actor.
  • Pompeyo Valdez: Puerto Rican salsa recording artist.
  • Jesus Valdez: Dominican professional baseball player for the Philadelphia Phillies organization.
  • Walberto Valdez: Puerto Rican merengue and Latin pop singer.
  • Antonio Valdez Marin: Mexican professional wrestler known as El Dandy.
  • Ronny Valdez: Venezuelan professional baseball player for the Leones del Caracas.
  • Sophie Valdez: American former tennis player.
  • Fausto Valdez: Chilean professional volleyball player.
  • Frankie J. Valdez: American actor and stuntman for films such as Zootopia and Jurassic World.

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