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Unraveling the Unexpected Origins of My Surname, Valdez, through an iGENEA DNA Test

Family name Valdez

Recently, I decided to unveil my ancestry by taking the iGENEA DNA test. Although expecting a predominantly Hispanic lineage in line with my surname, Valdez, the results unfolded a serendipitous journey into European and Middle Eastern origins.

"I have always been curious about my lineage and heritage, so I decided to go through the fascinating journey of DNA testing via iGENEA. Astonished, I found layers of history and ancestry that I had never considered. My surname, Valdez, seemed to hold many surprises from places and cultures that are a world away from what I had always known. Unexpected turns lay ahead as I unraveled the history of my lineage.

Beyond my predominant Hispanic roots, I found that my ancestors had backgrounds that stretched into Europe and the Middle East. The DNA test revealed a complex tapestry of genetic history that I'm excited to share.

Q. Valdez

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