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Surname Wäckerle - Meaning and Origin

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Wäckerle: What does the surname Wäckerle mean?

The surname Wäckerle originates from Germany, and is derived from the German word "Wecker", which means "alarm clock". This likely comes from the occupational name of a maker or seller of alarm clocks. The particular spelling of "Wäckerle" is more common in the Baden-Württemberg region of Germany, and is one of many variants of the word.

The surname has also been adopted by other countries, such as Switzerland. In Switzerland, the surname Wäckerle is more often used as a first name, especially among the Bernese dialects, which stems from a tradition of naming children after the father's profession.

The surnames Wacker and Wackermann have a similar origin and meaning, but the literal translation of Wäckerle is simply "little alarm clock". It could be used as a diminutive to refer to someone who is known for being a diligent, early riser, or for someone who wakes up the entire family in the morning. It could also be a reference to someone who made a living by selling alarm clocks.

The surname Wäckerle is unique and can still be found in Germany, Switzerland, and other German speaking areas. It is a valuable reminder of the diverse cultural and occupational backgrounds of people living hundreds of years ago and can even provide clues about the lifestyles and personalities of our ancestors.

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Wäckerle: Where does the name Wäckerle come from?

The last name Wäckerle is most commonly found in Germany and Austria. In Germany, there are about 899 people having this name, with the highest concentration in the Landsberg am Lech district, located in the Bavarian state.

In Austria, the last name is less common, but there are still around 198 people having this surname there. Its highest concentration is in the state of Vorarlberg.

The spelling of the last name may also slightly vary in different countries. For example, some inhabitants of Germany and Austria may sometimes write it as 'Wäckerle', while the Swiss version is 'Waekerli'.

People with the surname Wäckerle may have distant family relations to each other because the name is derived from the old aristocratic family of Wäckerle, which already existed in South Germany in the 11th century. The earliest known ancestor of the family is Echttacher von Wäckerle, who lived in the 15th century.

Today, the last name Wäckerle is still mainly associated with Germany and Austria, although it may also be found in other countries such as Switzerland, Italy, and the United States, all of which have a relatively small number of people having this surname.

Variations of the surname Wäckerle

The surname Wäckerle is an Austrian and German family name derived from the Middle High German word wacken, meaning to "till the soil." It can appear as Wackerle, Waeckerle, Wäckerle, Waeckele, Wackele, Wäckele, Waickarle and Waickerle. As with other German family names, its spelling is often simplified or altered when it is translated; Wackerle is one of the more common variants still recognizably from Wäckerle. Its spelling can also vary depending on dialect.

The name Wäckerle is shared by many branches of a single family. By far the largest core of this family has Germanic origins in southwestern Germany, particularly in Baden, Wurttemberg, and Bavaria. This family tree stretches back many centuries, to some of the oldest families in Germanic history. Other branches of the same family live in Austria, Switzerland, and other German-speaking regions, as well as in the United States, Canada, and other countries with significant German immigration.

Wäckerle is a very common name in German-speaking countries. In Germany itself, it is the 527th most common surname, while in Austria it is the 618th most common surname. The total estimated population of people with the surname Wäckerle is estimated to be more than 30,000 people.

Famous people with the name Wäckerle

  • Dr. Christiane Wäckerle: A German professor at the Institute for Ethnology at LMU Munich with a focus on media anthropology and religion.
  • Axel Wäckerle: German lawyer and publicist of German and British descent.
  • Ursula Wäckerle: German-Swiss dancer, choreographer and jazz musician.
  • Eugen Wäckerle: German-British physicist known for his contributions to quantum mechanics and experiments involving electric and magnetic fields.
  • Jörg Wäckerle: Swiss-German painter and sculptor.
  • Ulf Wäckerle: German medical professor and microbiologist involved in research on cholera.
  • Peter Wäckerle: German zoologist and polar explorer.
  • Fritz Wäckerle: German physicist and physical chemist best known for his contributions to radiophysics and spectroscopy.
  • Heike Wäckerle: German child psychologist and psychoanalyst.
  • Matthias Wäckerle: German biologist and environmental scientist whose research focuses on the effects of climate change on the oceans.

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