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Surname Wackerl - Meaning and Origin

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Wackerl: What does the surname Wackerl mean?

The last name Wackerl is of German origin. It is thought to be derived from the Middle High German word "wackeln," which means "to sway to and fro," or "to be shaky." By extension, the surname could refer to somebody that was particularly unsteady or wobbly, or perhaps described a person who continually changed their mind.

The name may also be linked to the word "wackel," meaning "to jump." In that case, it might have originated as an occupational surname to refer to a go-getter or someone who always had a lot of energy.

Throughout history, the name Wackerl has been found in many areas of Germany, including Bavaria and Saxony, and it has also been documented in Austria. Records of the surname in the United States date back to the late 19th century, with some families originating in Romania and the Czech Republic.

Lastly, Wackerl is a fairly uncommon surname. Although it gained some popularity in Germany and Austria during the early 20th century, it remains rare today.

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Wackerl: Where does the name Wackerl come from?

The last name Wackerl is most common in Germany today. According to the German Federal Statistical Office in 2020, it ranked 2,400th among the country’s most common names. Interestingly, the name is particularly popular in the federal states of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, where it is estimated to be found in approximately every 20,000 people. This is noticeably higher than the Germany-wide average of every 45,000 people.

Given the prevalence of the name in the region, it could suggest that it is an old German name with heritage in this area. However, further research would need to be conducted to firmly establish this connection.

Due to the nation’s expansive internal and external migration, it is also possible to find the last name Wackerl in other countries of Europe, such as Austria, Poland, and the Netherlands. It is likely that it has been carried into these countries by emigrants and their descendants over the years.

The surname is also present in the USA and Canada, and could likely have been imported to these countries by more recent German immigrants. Today, the last name Wackerl is still present in many countries across the world, though its popularity and prevalence is mostly concentrated in Germany.

Variations of the surname Wackerl

The surname Wackerl is a surname of Germanic origin, derived from the German verb "wackeln" meaning to wobble or shake. The surname is derived from the personal name Vacke formed by the root "vac" which indicates an ancient German general's power and body strength. The variants and spellings of the surname Wackerl are Waekkel, Waeckler, Waeckl, Waeckel, Waeckele, Waeckl, Wacker, Wackerly, Waecklerle, Wackerle, Wackery, Wackcher, Wackler, Wackl, Wacklie, and Wacklich.

The surname Wackerl is also used as a variant of the Chao-Jo surname, which originates from China. The Chao-Jo surname is common in Germany and the spelling and variants of this surname include Cho, Choa, Choe, Chua, Chuen,Chui, Chuo, Chwai, Chwal, Chyang, Cha, and Chao-Jo.

In the United States the surname Wackerl is also spelled Waclawell or Waldow, while in England it is Wackrill. In Scotland, the variant of the surname is Warckley and the spelling Wackley is sometimes found in old records.

In France the variants Waackelin, Waackelau, Waaklin, Waaklinis, and Waash are used while in Spain the surnames Wackelin, Waksma, and Wakda are found.

In the Netherlands the forms of the surname are Waak, Waaker and Waaken. There is also a variant of the surname found in South Africa. There the spelling is Wackley and Waekel.

Overall, the surname Wackerl has many varied spellings, variants and surnames of the same origin. It is possible to trace the surname to different countries around the world, with each having its own unique spelling and pronunciation.

Famous people with the name Wackerl

  • Rudolf Wackerl: Austrian Nazi official
  • Reinhardt Wackerl: Austrian Olympic silver medalist in fencing
  • Friedrich Wackerl: German academic and professor at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich
  • Christian Wackerl: Austrian composer and pianist
  • Ernst Wackerl: German aviation pioneer and builder of powered-flight aircraft
  • Lydia Wackerl: Austrian actress and theater director
  • Franz Wackerl: Austrian composer and music teacher
  • Reinhold Wackerl: Austrian military officer and World War II obersturmbannführer
  • Lorenz Wackerl: Austrian industrialist and politician
  • Hubert Wackerl: Austrian Olympic skier and alpine ski coach

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