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Surname Wackerow - Meaning and Origin

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Wackerow: What does the surname Wackerow mean?

The surname Wackerow is of German origin. It is derived from the Middle High German word “wackere” which means “brave” or “valiant.” Hence, the name Wackerow is roughly translated to mean “the brave one” or “valiant.” It is likely the surname developed as a nickname for someone who displayed courage or shown remarkable bravery in battle.

The earliest recorded use of the surname Wackerow dates back to 1632, when Johann Wackerow, a church elder in Schonhausen, was mentioned in historical records. Over the following centuries, the surname spread throughout Germany and eventually across the world. Today, the surname Wackerow can be found in Denmark, Netherlands, France, United States, Canada, and beyond.

In short, the surname Wackerow is of German origin and means “the brave one” or “valiant.” It is believed to date back to the year 1632 and has since spread around the world. It is possible the surname was given to someone who displayed bravery and courage in battle or other endeavors.

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Wackerow: Where does the name Wackerow come from?

The last name Wackerow is most commonly found today in Germany. It is a German variation of the personal name Wackenrow, which also has Norwegian and Swedish origins. In the 1800s, many people of Germanic descent emigrated to the United States, leading to increased numbers of Wackerows in the United States. As of the latest census data in 2020, the most populous states with individuals with the last name Wackerow include Texas, California, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

Wackerow has several overlapping meaning, which are related to its Germanic origin. In German, it has also been interpreted as meaning watchman or guard depending on the orthography of the name. Alternatively, it can mean "one who wakes up early." This translates to the original Norwegian-Swedish compound word vaknarul, which is made up of two separate words meaning "early" and "rooster."

Today, Wackerow remains a popular last name in German-speaking areas of Europe and throughout the United States. Beyond its relevance in American history, it has also become something of a status symbol that transcends language and national borders. It continues to be adopted and adapted as an identifier to express heritage, respect, and distinction today.

Variations of the surname Wackerow

The surname Wackerow is of German origin, and numerous different variants and spellings exist of the same name. Depending on the country of origin, the name can be spelled Wackerow, Wackerow, Wackeroe, Wackeraw, Wackrow, Wackroe, Wackrow, Wacrow, and Wacroe, among others.

Surnames of the same origin include Wackel, Wacker, Waechter, Waegener, Wackerly, Waechtler, Wackerman, Wackenhut, and Wackenheim, among others.

While the German surname Wackerow is of topographic origin, referring to a person who lived by a swampy or marshy area, the name Wacker or Wackers is sometimes used to describe a farmer living on a small patch of land. The surname Wackel is derived from the verb wackeln, which literally means “to wobble,” and was likely used to refer to a person known to be unsteady. The surname Waechter is derived from the German word for “watchman” or “guard.” The surname Waegener is derived from the German word for “plowman.”

Wackerly is derived from a variant form of the name “Wacken,” which is of Germanic origin. Wackerman is probably an occupational name derived from the German word for "wheelwright." Wackenhut refers to a person who lived near a hut or cottage, and Wackenheim is derived from a topographic feature, meaning “home near the pond” or “home by the marsh.”

Famous people with the name Wackerow

  • Rick Wackarow: born in 1961, former professional football player from England
  • Alexander Wackerow: born in 1983, German former professional badminton player
  • Konrad Wackerow: born in 1903, German writer
  • Michael Wackerow: born in 1962, American businessman
  • John Wackerow: born in 1926, retired U.S. Navy officer and current assessor of Clallam County, Washington
  • Jürgen Wackerow: born in 1961, German actor and director
  • Reinhard Wackerow: born in 1951, German diplomat
  • Bruce Wackerow: born in 1937, Historian and prominent educator of Australian higher education
  • Hubert Wackerow: born in 1946, German artist
  • Elsa Wackerow: born in 1909, Jewish German doctor, translator, and a leader in the Jewish refugee rescue movement

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