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Surname Wackerle - Meaning and Origin

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Wackerle: What does the surname Wackerle mean?

The last name Wackerle is of German origin. It is a diminutive of the German word “Wacke” meaning “hedge” or “fence”, and was used to describe people who built walls or hedges for fencing or dividing property. Later the term became associated with a person who took on the responsibility of signing a document with their mark, similar to a notary.

Due to Germany’s central location in Europe, the Wackerle surname can be found throughout several European countries, including Germany, Austria, France, and Switzerland. The Wackerle surname is considered to be one of the oldest family names in Germany.

It is believed that the original meaning of the name was associated with a person of the landowner or land-measuring class. Wackerle surname holders would act as witnesses to the division of land as well as mark documents in order to legitimize their value.

Today, the Wackerle surname carries on the long tradition of responsibility, strength and integrity. It is still seen as a symbol of reliability and is highly esteemed in its European homeland. The name Wackerle is an enduring reminder of the hard-working individuals who once made up a significant part of German society.

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Wackerle: Where does the name Wackerle come from?

The last name Wackerle is not commonly found in many countries today. However, it appears to have originated in two places: the Palatinate region of Germany, and Switzerland.

In Germany, the Palatinate region is found in the corner of the country, bordering France, Luxembourg, and Belgium. Wackerle was found there during the medieval period. German historians believed a legendary figure named Widole Wackerle first established a border there in 924 AD. The Wackerle family lived in the Palatinate region of Germany for centuries, with records showing that at least one member of the family still lived there in 1936.

In Switzerland, the surname first appeared in the canton of Thurgau in 1272. The family were influential in the region and had possession of a castle called Wackerlemau in 1490. Records show that the Wackerle family lived in the area until the mid- to late-1800s. Today it is believed that much of the family moved to other countries, such as the United States or were assimilated into other families.

In the United States, immigrants from Germany and Switzerland often took on the Americanized version of their name. In the case of the surname Wackerle, some members changed the name to Wacker, while others simply changed the spelling to Wackere. Today, it appears that the surname Wackerle is most commonly found in the United States, with many of the descendants of Wackerle families living in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

Variations of the surname Wackerle

The surname Wackerle is derived from the German word "Wacker" meaning loud or hard. The variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin for this family name are as follows:

Variants: Wackerl, Wackerli, Wackler, Wacka, Wackra, Wackrer, Wacke.

Spellings: Wackerley, Wackers, Wackersley, Wackery, Wackrell.

Surnames: Wackerzell, Wackerman, Wackernagel, Wackersberger, Wackar, Wackert, Wackerschmidt, Wackerstein.

The Wackerle surname is most commonly found in southwestern Germany, particularly in Bavaria, as well as in Tyrol, Austria. It is also found in North America, especially around the New York City and Chicago area, as well as in the midwestern states of Wisconsin and Minnesota. Due to immigration from Germany and Austria in the 19th century, the surname has also spread to the United Kingdom, where it is mainly found in the West Midlands region.

The surname Wackerle is connected to a long and rich family history in Germany. It is a surname that is representative of the unique cultural and linguistic heritage of many parts of Europe, and has been passed down through the generations as a proud source of identity.

Famous people with the name Wackerle

  • Jonathan Wackerle: Actor and photographer
  • Adam Wackerle: Austrian entrepreneur
  • Jürgen Wackerle: German ice hockey player
  • Verena Wackerle: German Paralympic racing cyclist
  • Jenny Wackerle: German paralympic wheelchair racer
  • Martin Wackerle: Former Olympic athlete
  • Jürgen Wackerle: German footballer
  • Christoph Wackerle: German entrepreneur
  • Konrad Wackerle: German racing cyclist
  • Thomas Wackerle: German entrepreneur

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