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Surname Waege - Meaning and Origin

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Waege: What does the surname Waege mean?

The last name Waege is an old and noble Germanic surname. Deriving from the Middle High German "wæge", the name was used to refer to a weighman, or someone who weighed goods for trade or commerce. As a surname it can be found in the records of Germany as far back as the 16th century.

Whilst originally a profession-surname, Waege has since become more associated with the regions of Thuringia and East Frisia, reflecting the regional influence and Germanic heritage that still stands in these areas today.

The modern spelling of the surname includes Waege, Wäge, Waga, and Waage. The spelling of the name can also differ regionally; for example, in Thuringia people commonly used the spelling Wagge, and until the 19th century Waege was typically pronounced as "wagge" in many areas of Germany.

Throughout history, the Waege family members have made great contributions in many fields. Famous bearers of this name have included famous industrialists, entrepreneurs, artists, and villagers. The name has also been associated with families like the Osswalds, which still have relatives living in the Rhineland region of Germany today.

Although an old and noble surname, Waege has also been made more modern in recent years due to its modern spelling and association with many famous figures. Today, it is not uncommon to see the Waege surname proudly displayed on name plates, signposts, and even baby names. It is a testament to how the name has stood the test of time and adapted with evolving culture and language.

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Waege: Where does the name Waege come from?

The last name Waege is most commonly found in France and Germany. In France, the Waege surname can be traced to the region of Picardy and Normandy. In Germany, the surname is mainly found in the regions of Westphalia and Lower Saxony.

The Waege name is thought to be a toponymic name for someone from a place named Waege. The origin of this name is uncertain but it could have derived from the Germanic word “Waga”, meaning wall, or the Latin word “vagus”, meaning wanderer.

Today, the Waege surname is still common throughout both countries. In France, the highest population of Waege can be found in the departments of Somme, Eure-et-Loir, and Moselle. In Germany, the surname is most common in the states of Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia.

The Waege name can also be found outside of these two countries. It has spread to other European countries such as the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Belgium. In the United States, the surname is fairly present in states such as California, New York, and Texas.

Variations of the surname Waege

The surname Waege (or Waeghe, Waeges, Waegere, Waegens, Vaeggen, Waegemans, Wegge, Wegel, etc.) is of Germanic origin. It originated from the Middle Low German name Waege, or the Old High German name Wegi and Wigi. Waege is more popular as a German, Dutch, and Flemish surname.

Variants of the surname Waege are derived from the Old German word "wache", a designation for a local goverment official, and "waege", meaning wager or weighman. Other variations include Wägele, Wägner, Wagener, Waegener, Waagen, Wagger, Wagar, Wager, Wagener, Waegen, Wagener, Waegener, Wagen, Wager, Wagner, Wagar, Wager, Waggon, Wagemacher, and Weigelt.

In some places in Europe, the surname Waege has been widely adopted, such as in Sweden, where it is spelled Vaje, Vaege, Vaeg, or even Vaeger. Waege is also a very common surname in the Netherlands, where it may be spelled as Waag, Wageningen, Waegen, or Waegemans. In Spain, the surname is usually written as Vaegas or Vagas.

The surname is also popular in Switzerland and Austria, where it is spelled Waegi or Waegener. In some parts of Germany, the surname Waege is also spelled Weigelt, which may be a variation of the original surname.

In the United States, variants of the surname Waege include Waeger, Weger, Weigle, Wagar, Waggoner, Weigel, Wager, Waggon, Wagemacher, Wagner, Wagener, and Waages.

Famous people with the name Waege

  • Brent Waege: American actor, known for roles in 'Shooter', 'Underworld: Blood Wars' and '24: Legacy'.
  • Eric Waege: Former senior executive at SAP, a software company.
  • Cornelius Waege: Canadian-American sculptor, who's most celebrated work depicted the history of Montgomery County.
  • Paul Waege: German biochemist and former president of the German Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.
  • Christoph Waege: Swiss classical archaeologist and professor at the University of Basel.
  • Otto Waege: German master brewer and distiller, whose brands of beer and spirits can still be found in some stores.
  • Marion Waege: German figure skating champion in the mid-1930s.
  • Katja Waege: German singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and vocal artist.
  • Marja-Liisa Waege: Finnish photographer and documentary filmmaker.
  • Peter Waege: Belgian footballer in the 1940s, playing for clubs including Genk, Excelsior Mechelen and Eendracht Aalst.

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