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Surname Waegele - Meaning and Origin

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Waegele: What does the surname Waegele mean?

The last name Waegele is a German surname that is thought to have derived from the "Wagler" family name, which is of obscure origin. One possible interpretation is that the surname comprises the prefix "wag," meaning wave, and the suffix "-er", meaning an inhabitant with a particular trait. In this case, "waegele" would refer to a person who resided near a body of water or shoreline. The surname "Waegele" can also have regional origins. In some areas of Germany, the term "waegele" refers to a race of people, described as being small in stature and friendly to strangers.

The surname Waegele is found throughout Germany and beyond, with many families tracing their origins to ancient Germanic tribes such as the Bavarians, Hanoverians and the Palatinate. Today, the surname is most commonly found in Germany and Switzerland, as well as in the US states of Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Overall, the surname Waegele offers a remarkable insight into the lives and customs of the Germanic people. Whether it is related to a wave on the shoreline or a race of people, this surname has been an important part of the Germanic people's identity.

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Waegele: Where does the name Waegele come from?

The last name Waegele is mainly common today in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. Waegele is an old Germanic name, spelled many different ways throughout various centuries of migration. It is thought to have originally been derived from a blend of the Old Germanic words "waldger" (forest dweller) and "ale" (swamp).

In Austria, Waegele is a relatively common surname, with hundreds of people bearing the name, primarily near the German border. In Switzerland, it is also quite popular, with several hundred people bearing the name. Similarly, there are hundreds of Waegeles in Germany, located mainly in the regions of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg. Many emigrated to the United States in the late 1800s and early 1900s, and so it is also not uncommon in some Midwestern States as well.

Waegele is often spelt “Wägele”, “Weagel”, “Weigel”, “Wegel” and “Wägel” as well as some phonetic versions of the original spelling. Common English translations of the name include “Weagle”, “Wegle”, or “Waagel”. Sometimes, the “E” or “Ä” in Waegele are substituted for an “A”, so the name can also be found in immigration records with various other spellings based on the particular letter preferences of the official taking the record. It is a common name in both Jewish and Christian families, so its prevalence extends far beyond the Germanic countries.

Today, the Waegele surname remains widespread and continues to represent the history of the family and its many centuries of migration.

Variations of the surname Waegele

The surname Waegele is derived from various sources and has many different spellings and variants, some of which could even be considered more accurate renderings of the original name.

From a Low German Name, the surname Waegele has many spelling variations including Wägele, Waegele, Wagner, Wagner, Wagener, Wagener, and Weeger.

Variants of the surname derived from Austria include Wegle, Waeggle, Wagnerl, Wagnle, Waeggle, Wegun, Weguner, Waegella, and Wegeler.

Variants of the same surname which have found their way to the U.S. include Wagle, Weagle, Weigle, Wiegel, Wigle, Wegle, and Wegel.

There is also a variant found in Israel which has been derived from the original source, which is spelt Wägeli.

Variants of the Waegele surname from other countries, such as Romania (Wagel, Vagele) and Hungary (Vágai, Vágai-Bach, Wágai, Vagher), also exist.

In addition to these spellings and variants, there is a family with its own variants of the surname Waegele which is of Saxon origin, although the origin and origin of the Name have yet to be determined. These variants include Waegel, Waegeler, Wegel, Wegele, Wegeler, Wegele, Wegle, Wegler, Weglo, and Wegloe.

Altogether, there are several spellings of the surname Waegele as well as many different variants from different origins, each of which are descended from the original name.

Famous people with the name Waegele

  • Ralph Waegele: Austrian/American paleontologist
  • T. J. Waegele: a public policy analyst
  • Simeon Waegele: a professional football player
  • M Uwe Waegele:pediatric neurologist
  • Maria Waegele: a German politician
  • Rolf Waegele: a German biographer
  • Psycho Waegele: Austrian basketball player
  • Markus Waegele: German politician
  • Karl Theodor Waegele: German entomologist
  • Philipp Waegele: a German lawyer and politician

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