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Surname Waiss - Meaning and Origin

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Waiss: What does the surname Waiss mean?

The last name Waiss is a Jewish surname that originated in Germany, and is derived from the word “waß”, an archaic dialect term for “water”. This name was predominantly found among families of Jewish descent, likely referencing their place of origin near a body of water.

Although variations of the name exists, such as Waig, Wais, and Waese, Waiss is the most commonly found variant in contemporary times. It is believed that the spelling changed from Waß to Waiss over the years as Jewish families moved and assimilated into different regions of the Diaspora. Today, families bearing this name make up a large portion of the Jewish population in countries including the United States, Canada and Israel, and it is also found in Germany.

Waß has a long history in the Jewish faith, as “waß” is also used to create religious words such as Waßer, , which means water, and also stands for the “living waters” of religious truth. In biblical scripture, the term is often used to represent blessings and healing, which is why the last name Waiss is often associated with such powerful spiritual imagery.

In short, the last name Waiss is a symbol of Jewish heritage and has a long history rooted in religious symbolism. It is a reminder of the strength and resilience of Jewish families from centuries past, and a reminder of the divine blessing of “living waters” for all who carry this name.

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Waiss: Where does the name Waiss come from?

The surname Waiss is most commonly found in countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Waiss is a derivative of the German prefix "Wass" which means water. It is most commonly found in Slovakia, Austria, Poland, and the Czech Republic. In Slovakia it is recorded in Bratislava, Nitra, and Piestany. In Austria, it is recorded in the regions of Salzburg, Styria, and Vienna. In Poland and the Czech Republic, the surname Waiss is recorded in Lower Silesia and the Sudetenland. It is also found in the Baltic countries of Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia.

In the United States, Waiss is primarily found in the states of New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. In fact, it is the 16th most common surname among people of Slovak heritage in the United States. In Canada, the surname Waiss is recorded in Ontario, and British Columbia.

In the United Kingdom, it is recorded in the birthplace of Peter Waiss, a Slovak-born entrepreneur, in South East London. In Australia, the Waiss surname is primarily found in the state of New South Wales.

Overall, the surname Waiss is a relatively uncommon surname. Though it is becoming more widely distributed in the Western world due to immigration, it remains largely present in countries in Eastern and Central Europe.

Variations of the surname Waiss

The surname Waiss is primarily derived from the Germanic word ‘wais’, meaning ‘hunt or chase’. Over the centuries, this surname has evolved into numerous variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. Some of the most common variants include Waise, Waiss, Wais, Weis, Weise, Weyss, Weisz, Weish, Weishausen, Weiss, Weisgerber, Vaisi, Vasy, Vays, Vais, Vase, Vayse, Vaysehl, Vayser, Vaysenberg, Vaysek, Vaysel, and Vaysten.

The spelling of the name varies based on language and geographic location. For example, in France and the French-speaking countries of Switzerland, Canada, and Belgium, the name is typically spelled Vais. In Eastern Europe, particularly the countries of Slovakia, Hungary, and the Czech Republic, the surname is often spelled Vays or Vasi. In Germany, Austria, and other German-speaking countries, the surname is usually spelled Weis/Weise or Weiss.

Most people with the Waiss surname can ultimately trace their family histories back to a small group of people who immigrated to Europe from Slavic-speaking countries sometime in the early 15th century. Over time, their descendants spread throughout Central and Eastern Europe, as well as to other parts of the world. Today, Waiss is still a relatively common surname in countries like Germany, Austria, Hungary, and the Czech Republic. Â

Famous people with the name Waiss

  • Jonathan Waiss: Chilean-American actor, writer, and producer
  • Yandy Diaz Waiss: Cuban baseball player and outfielder for Major League Baseball's Cleveland Indians
  • Francis Waiss: filmmaker and television producer best known for his work on The Real Housewives of Miami
  • Katherine Waissbluth: news anchor for Telemundo Arizona
  • Steve Waiss: Constitutional lawyer and editor-in-chief of the law review at California Lawyer
  • Danielle Waiss-Colon: actress, radio announcer, and television production producer
  • Amit Waiss: Israeli-born technology entrepreneur and philanthropist
  • Kate Waissbluth: former fashion editor, style guru and model
  • Sean Waiss: entertainment lawyer and executive in the film and television industries 10.Yigal Waiss: International real estate lawyer and developer in Tel Aviv, Israel

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