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Surname Wais - Meaning and Origin

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Wais: What does the surname Wais mean?

The last name Wais is a patronymic name that is of Jewish origin. It is derived from the Yiddish personal name Wais, which is a form of the Hebrew name Uzziel – meaning “God is my strength.” As a Jewish surname, this name is found throughout Europe in areas where Jews were once concentrated.

The Wais surname began to appear in Germany in the 12th and 13th centuries, primarily in Lower Saxony and Bavaria. In the latter half of the 19th century, some members of the Wais family began to migrate to the United States, settling primarily in the northeast and in some midwestern states. There are also members of the Wais family who settled in London in the 19th century.

Today, the name Wais is most commonly found in the United States, Israel, and Germany. It is a relatively uncommon last name, and the people who bear it can be quite proud of its Jewish heritage. The Wais family is part of a proud and established tradition within the Jewish community.

In addition to this name being of Jewish origin, it is important to note its connection to the biblical Uzziel and the strength he draws from God. The Wais family carries on the spiritual heritage of these biblical figures and helps to ensure that those religious traditions are not forgotten.

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Wais: Where does the name Wais come from?

Today, the last name Wais is most commonly associated with South American countries such as Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, and Bolivia. It is estimated that around 70,000 people in the world bear the surname Wais.

In addition to South America, the name Wais can also be found in the United States, particularly in Latin American communities. Major cities with a concentration of people with the surname include Los Angeles, Houston, San Antonio, and Miami. Wais is also a common surname amongst German and Jewish immigrants to the US.

Furthermore, the name is known to have a significant presence in Israel. The surname is most likely of Ashkenazic Jewish origin, but its exact origins are difficult to trace.

Although its original meaning is unknown, scholars have theorised that the surname may be derived from the Hebrew word veis, meaning ‘face’. This could be a reference to a prominent person who was considered to have an impressive or attractive face.

Today, the commonality of the surname Wais is rooted in its spread throughout Latin America and among immigrant populations in the United States. With its presence in multiple countries, this surname is a testament to how far reaching one name can travel in time.

Variations of the surname Wais

The surname Wais is of German and Jewish origin. It is derived from the Middle High German word "waiz" meaning guardian or protector. It has a variety of different spellings and variants in various languages.

In English, the surname Wais is spelled as Waiss, Ways, Weis, Weise and Wiese.

In German, the surname is spelled as Wais, Ways, Weiss, Weise, Wiese, Wieß, and Wiets.

In Hebrew, the surname Wais is spelled as Weiz and Weitz.

In Polish, the surname may be spelled as Weise.

In Czech, the surname Wais is spelled as Weis.

The surname Wais is also found in Sweden, where it is spelled as Visa, Veis, Waisa, and Ways.

In addition to the different spellings of the surname, there are also several variants of the name that have originated within different countries. In English speaking countries, the variant spellings of the surname include Wacey, Wace, Wais, Wase, Waizer, Waizar, Wayser, and Weazer. In French, the variants are Waite and Waites. In German, the variants are more numerous, and include Weisbart, Weisbet, Weische, Weishof, Weiske, Weissbart, Weisse,Weisser, Weisshaupt, and Weitz. Finally, in Hebrew there is the surname Weitzen, which is derived from the same origin.

Overall, the surname Wais has a variety of variants and spellings, which vary according to the language and region in which it is found.

Famous people with the name Wais

  • Michael Waiss: American composer/musician
  • Oliver Wais: Canadian fashion designer
  • Laura Wais: American politician
  • Rachael Waiss: American actress
  • Erez Wais: Israeli artist
  • Minor Waiss: Panamanian baseball player
  • Anna Waiss: German doctor
  • Familywaiss: Mexican Youtube channel
  • Khalid Waiss: Moroccan footballer
  • Blaž Wais: Slovenian footballer
  • Michael Waiss: Russian professor
  • Mounir Waiss: Egyptian businessman
  • Urban Waiss: Swiss author
  • Aghadir Waiss: Iranian writer
  • Saud Waiss: Kuwaiti singer
  • Farzad Waiss: Iranian professional wrestler
  • Rola Waiss: Syrian model
  • Nikolas Waiss: Austrian musician
  • Kortni Waiss: American animator
  • Mahmoud Waiss: Saudi Arabian football coach

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