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Surname Waight - Meaning and Origin

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Waight: What does the surname Waight mean?

The surname Waight is of English origin and is believed to derive from the Old English term "wita" or "waegta," which means "weight." As an occupational surname, it could have possibly referred to a person who held the role of a weigher or a weigh master - someone authorized to weigh goods for the purpose of trade. This surname has several variants such as Wait, Waite, Weight, and Waights. Such surnames often evolved as a way to distinguish individuals with the same personal name in small communities. Please note that surnames carry the legacy and cultural history of families and can have different meanings and origins in various cultures and regions.

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Waight: Where does the name Waight come from?

The surname Waight is of English origin. It is thought that it derived from the Old English word "wegta," meaning "armed soldier." The surname Waight may have been applied to soldiers in the Middle Ages. The name is now most frequent in Southern England, particularly in the counties of Kent and Essex. In the 1891 UK census, the Waight surname was particularly prevalent in London and the surrounding areas, including Lewisham, Bromley, Greenwich, and Hounslow. Today, Waight is a fairly rare surname. In the 2019 UK census, there were only 447 people surnamed Waight in the whole of the UK, with the majority living in England. It is most often found in the south-east of the country, particularly in Surrey, Middlesex, Hampshire, and Wiltshire. It is also relatively common in Scotland, with the highest concentration of the name Waight found in Edinburgh.

Variations of the surname Waight

The surname Waight is a surname of Norman origin that originated in the 1050s in Normandy, France. It is derived from the Old French term "waite", meaning "guard" or "keeper". The spelling of this surname has changed over time, and several variants exist. The most common spellings of Waight include Waite, Waight, Wait, Waits, Waitson, Waitman, Waitson, Waitmans, Waitps, and Waitsman.

Surnames that have been derived from the Waight surname include Wait, Waite, Waits, Waitts, Wayte, Waitson, Waitsman, and Waitman. These derivative spellings are likely due to changes in pronunciation over time, as well as transcription errors when the original name was being recorded. The Waight surname and its variants are most commonly found in the United Kingdom, particularly in England.

Waight and its variants are also found in other parts of the world in places where British settlers and immigrants have traveled. For example, notable individuals with the surname include American singer Wavonne Waight, American politician Everett Wait, and New Zealand artist Gunter Waited.

In summary, the surname Waight originated in Normandy, France in the 1050s and has since taken many different spellings, including Waite, Waight, Wait, Waitson, Waitman, Waitson, Waitmans, Waitps, and Waitsman. Waight and its variants are found most commonly in the United Kingdom, and in other places where British settlers and immigrants have traveled.

Famous people with the name Waight

  • CyWaight Waight: CyWaight is a multidimensional recording artist who has released several studio albums, including Let Love Shine and There Is Love in You. His music has been featured in multiple television programs, and he has even performed with the likes of Justin Timberlake and John Legend.
  • Emily Waight: Emily Waight is an actress known for her roles in films such as Spider-Man: Far From Home and current movies like Infamous and Phoenix Forgotten. Prior to her career in acting, Waight had been the lead singer of a rock band signed to a major record label.
  • Don Waight: Don Waight is a renowned Jazz saxophonist who has been performing with bands and as a solo artist for over 30 years. He has released four albums as a band leader, including Swingin Up and Jazz Dance Grooves, and often performs with other jazz greats such as Kirk Whalum and Lee Ritenour.
  • Mavis Waight: Mavis Waight is a British actress who is best known for her roles in the West End productions of Mamma Mia! and The Phantom of the Opera. She has appeared in numerous television shows, including Casualty and Eastenders, and even landed roles in film projects like Sid and Judy.
  • Dana Waight: Dana Waight is a multiple Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter, having written songs for big names like Taylor Swift, Chris Brown, and Rihanna. A passionate animal lover, she has released her debut album with a portion of the proceeds going to animal charities.

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